View Full Version : Caney still fishing good 08/31/10

09-03-2010, 11:12 PM
I couldn't sleep that night, so around 5:00 AM I decided to head over to the Caney. I made it to Happy Hollow around 7:30 and started fishing.

I notice this nearly every trip I make - some people are wading where they should be fishing. These two gentlemen were 10-12' from the far bank. I know big fish lay in there, but that's not a good enough reason to pass over good fishing water. I walked in behind them, gave them a good 20' berth, and started fishing the water between us. I caught 3 fish within about 15 minutes, and each time they heard my line zip up off the water they turned around, saw me bring the fish to hand, shook their heads and continued fishing.

They eventually got tired of not catching anything, so they moved up river. They would go to all the deep holes where big fish are, but continued not catching anything. So I kept finding runs where I'd seen fish rising, and continued to catch easily two dozen trout. All stockers, 10-14", but still a ton of fun when you're hooking up with one nearly every cast.

I heard them catch one fish on a wooly bugger, but I think that's all they caught. They weren't exactly the quiet type, kinda spoiled my solitude.

I think the reason for my success is because I started using fluorocarbon tippet. I've never had as many hits, and I've never kept as many flies. I didn't have a single break all day, but when I was fishing Orvis Super Strong I'd lose at least 2 flies every day.

I did run into psnapp in the parking lot. I was talking two those two gentlemen I mentioned previously and he asked if I was WGG. I said yes, went up and shook his hand, showed him what fly I was using. As a measure of how many fish I caught, my zebra midge no longer had wire on it, and was starting to fray when the water started rising.

Good day :biggrin: