View Full Version : Skinny water 9/4/10

09-04-2010, 11:27 PM
Headed out to Little River this morning to give it a try, wow, what happened to the water in the last two weeks? :redface: Well, figured it had to happen since I've read so much about the "skinny water" of summer. Saw several of those little dark shadows shooting off through the pools and pockets, but did manage to catch a few bows on a Tellico nymph. Came to a long deep pool and thought I'd practice my roll cast, caught this little guy on a Thunderhead.

After seeing how low the water was on Little River, was wondering what Walker Camp Prong looked like. So headed up the mountain this evening to try it out. Found the bows to be concentrated in the shallow pools and eager to eat, was shocked to catch a 9" and a 8.5" bow. Not used to that in this stream. Managed a few specks too, but mainly bows.
Here's the 9".......

Green Weenie strikes again.:biggrin:

09-05-2010, 08:16 AM

Nice looking bow and spec from Walker Camp. Those are very nice fish from that small stream.