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09-16-2010, 07:31 PM
coming out oct 8-12. any thoughts on the average water levels or what the levels are forcast to be? I know mother nature is a hard one to nail down on specifics, but any thoughts on the subject? thanks flyguys

Jim Casada
09-16-2010, 08:09 PM
flyguys--If you own my book there is a graph towards the back on average annual rainfall in the Park on a month-by-month basis. October is historically a month of very skinny water. Judging by my experience today on Straight Fork, a stream which holds its flow level better than most, you'll face some challenging conditions if we don't get quite a bit of rain in the next three weeks. I caught fish and enjoyed a Smoky Mountain slam (pretty common on Straight Fork), but it was anything but easy. To contrast it with an experience fishing exactly the same stretch of water roughly a month ago, I would say it was at least four times as difficult. What fish I caught (maybe 20) were with long casts or peeking up over a boulder and putting nothing but a fly in the pool. Lots of last-minute refusals and even more torpedos bound for safety. That's typical for this time of year. One other problem--we are likely to have early leaf fall and that can compound your difficulties. Indeed, there were lots of leaves in the water today, although there were a couple of times in what was a weird weather day in general when the wind blew 15-20 miles an hour, only to change to dead calm a few minutes later. It was almost eerie.
Still, October is one of my two favorite months in the Park, and the extra challenge is offset by striking beauty which characterizes the month. Add Indian Summer weather (if you get it) and you have to sing an ode to October.
Jim Casada

09-16-2010, 08:36 PM
Thanks Mr. Casada. It sounds ;ike it could be difficult but my son and I will give it the ole' college try!:smile: