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09-24-2010, 09:38 PM
First off thanks again Jim for finding and posting the lost camera. The amazing thing is that when Jim mailed it back my buddy Scott charged the battery and the camerastill works after 3 months in the gsmnp.
I was wondering how many people have stories of how fellow fly fishermen have helped them or how they have helped others. With all the post about wether or not to release stream names, someone new to the board may wonder if we are just a bunch of selfish flyfishers. But I remember several years ago when someone stopped me stream side introduced himself and grabbed my white river flyrod. He said I had it set up right but was using the wrong fly, handed me about 5 elkhair caddis and grined said to stop fishing down stream messing up the fishing for everyone. I still didn't catch a fish but that was the start of my education.
Since then I have been paying it foward anytime I can from pulling out my first aid kit to help injured hikers to giving away several flies. I have even taken some people struggling fishing small streams and helping them work a couple of runs till thay caught a trout.
What Jim did after finding the lost camera is an outstanding example of the fine things flyfishemen do.

Please give some examples of how you have been helped or how you have helped others.

09-25-2010, 08:48 AM
I think it is awesome and that is how I try to live my life! I think you reap what you sow in life. I have found many things on the river and helped them make it back to the proper owners. I just wish people would actually take a second and write their name and number on their stuff with a permanent marker; that way I can get it back to them.:rolleyes:

-Search some of my old posts and you will see some of the things I have found. (rods, vests, fly boxes, etc.)