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09-28-2010, 09:31 PM
After 13 days of not fishing, I was having some serious withdrawals. *I couldn't eat or sleep, I was grumpy, I was starting to go into detox. *I'm a trout junkie and can not go that long without hitting the stream and getting my fix.

The day started off pretty strong. *Had I been creeling, I could have had two limits in the first thirty minutes. *Nothing too big, mostly 7-8 inch rainbows and a few browns. *


I finished up that section and hit up another little section of stream. *Nothing too fancy, but I did pick up a few bigger ones. *I must have been getting tired because I "LDR'ed" quite a few later in the day, a few that were of decent proportion. *Big Daddy Rainbow and Grandpa Brown both gave me the slip today.


I finished up that section and decided to go way down stream and fish a section I had never fished. *I was not impressed to say the least. *I caught a few adult trout, at least a dozen chubs and horny heads, and about a half dozen baby browns and rainbows. *I guess the baby trout are a good sign the stream is reproducing.

How old y'all reckon this beast is?


All and all, I had a blast and it was a great day on the stream. *I did see another angler today, only the second time I have ever seen another person out there. *

I laid off the green weenies, I used standard nymphs for droppers today. *Most fish were caught on nymphs but I landed maybe a dozen on the dry.

Had I used bead head weenies, I know I would have brought triple digits to hand. *Trying to be a purist is killing my catch rate.

09-29-2010, 09:37 AM
Great pics, esp the underwater one. What camera do you use?