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10-07-2010, 09:15 AM
In the past I have always practiced catch and release, but have recently read good arguments for "releasing to oil".

I have decided on keeping and eating a few 7-10" fish on my next trip. I figure gutting the fish as soon as I decide to keep it will be the best approach, but am stumped about how to store the fish while I get enough to cook. Both the classic wicker creels and "arctic" creels seem too bulky or heavy to include in or on my backpack. I am also concerned about ensuring that the (yummy to bears) fish smell doesn't transfer to my clothing while carrying them.

I am hoping some of you have thoughts or suggestions on something lightweight to use in the backcountry to keep the fish fresh for a couple hours.


Rog 1
10-07-2010, 09:42 AM
This time of year all you need is a large zip lock storage bag....every time you get a fish just place it in the bag and rinse with new water with each addition....don't even have to clean the fish until you are ready to go back to camp....first trout I ever caught in the park my cousin made me carry it inside my shirt until we got back to the car...at least I was the only one with a fish big enough to keep that day.

10-07-2010, 10:11 AM
I usually only keep a mess a couple times a year. When I do, I use an empty bread bag:smile: I gut each fish as I catch them, leave the heads on in case you get checked, because the ranger will generally measure your fish:smile: I usually keep a little water in the bag, and I do like Rog mentioned, I rinse the fish off ever time I add one. You need to keep your rod, vest, waders, and net put up, they smell like fish.;)

10-07-2010, 01:18 PM
A big Ziplock it is, that will weigh a few grams at most and can be kept in my peak bag until needed.

Thanks flyman for the suggestion on other things to keep hung. I don't pack waders, a vest, or net when backpacking, but will hang my peak bag and rod.
I am going to have to add a loop of string or something to the plastic tube I use for a "rod case" while backpacking; it is one of the clear plastic tubes sold to protect fluorescent light bulbs.

Rog 1
10-07-2010, 01:44 PM
In another ziplock take in several salt and pepper packets from local fast food, a lemon and a couple sprigs of rosemary....place the aforementioned in the belly of those mountain jewels and wrap in foil over your fire....good eating.

10-07-2010, 01:49 PM
Yeah I don't mess with wicker creels. I generally only release to grease if I am backpacking and not going to carry a wicker creel doing that. I got some of those canvas bank coin bags really light and permeable. If I catch a keeper I put the fish in the bag or in the bag on top of some moss. I dip the bag in the water then put it in my backpack side pocket or I will attach a leather shoelace to the bag and carry it around my shoulders like a satchel (or fish purse lol). Rougly every 45 mins or when I think about it while fishing I will dip the bag again in some cold water again to keep it a little fresher. A ziploc will do just fine though ;)

10-07-2010, 04:16 PM
Wack them on the head, put in a zip lock (like others have said), and then I put them in my pocket.