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10-11-2010, 06:01 PM
Daniel and I had a great October weekend fishing in the park.

Saturday was a little rough with very few strikes, a couple hook ups and only one fish each. We were fishing Middle Prong from post 5 up to the turn about. Going was tough. We usually do pretty good in that section of river but not as well Saturday. There were a LOT of fishermen out on Saturday.

Although catching was a bit slim, the fishing was outstanding. It was such a nice day to be out on the water enjoying the company of my son. Perfect weather perfect water and who realy cared if we caught any fish.

Day 2, Sunday we went up high to catch some brookies. Fishing was just as perfect on day 2 as it was on day 1 and catching was also just a little bit better. We both caught a couple brookies and a 'bow. We had a lot of strikes and plenty of hook ups.

My GPS said we started fishig at 3974' elevation. The water temp at 8:30am was 42 and the brookies were very interested in a #14 BHPT. I was using an orange stimulator with a #14 prince as a dropper and Daniel was using the bhpt. I switched after he had several very robust strikes and I was still trying to figure out if there were fish in the stream.

All in all, we had a perfect weekend fishing.

Given my work schedule, it's going to have to hold us until next Spring and we had enough fun that it just might be enough.


10-13-2010, 03:27 AM
What a great post! I'm sure there's nothing like spending a day on the water with someone you love! And, catching isn't everything that makes fishing such a great way to spend a day! :) ( I should know! haha)

10-13-2010, 11:08 PM

I wish you could have had the time to stop by Dock's Motel so I could have met you and your son. I was there along with several other members of FAOL. We, also, had a great time there and our "Catch" rate was very much like yours, but, the river and surroundings were fantastic and the fellowship was great. Before leaving Sunday, I reserved our room at Dock's for the May Trout Fest and may try to make it to Townsend before then. I just love the area.


10-14-2010, 11:31 PM
Sorry I missed you guys at Docs. We were across the street at Econolodge. My mom and dad were there for the weekend with my son and I. My wife was at a church conference.

With fishing all day, I wanted to spend the afternoons and evenings with my parents and just didn't find the time to stop by. It was a very busy weekend. Mom and Dad had been to the Smoky's before but never to Townsend. I took them by LRO and introduced them to Byron (they liked him right off).

We hiked up to the Lynn Camp Cascades (one of the prettiest places on Earth). Mom and Dad had never been there before and we also walked over to the bridge on Thunderhead prong. They didn't even know Middle Prong Road existed.

They have heard me talk so much about the Little River, Townsend and LRO I just had to show them around.

Now they understand why I think this area is the closest to Heaven we'll find in this life.