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10-13-2010, 03:41 PM
Anyone fish off the BRP? I end to ended this past weekend on my motorcycle and saw a bunch of creeks and forks that looked perfect and I wished I had my fly rod. I want to take a full week and do sections of it more slowly. I can post up my ride report, give me a few minutes.

10-13-2010, 03:45 PM
I made a plan to do the BRP over the Columbus Day Holiday weekend and camp along the way. All 469 miles from Waynesboro, VA to Cherokee, NC. I needed to do this as a test trip for my 2011 California Adventure. I enlisted two friends to come along with me. One would ride with me from Knoxville and do the whole trip and another from Maryland would meet us at the first campground and ride halfway with us and then go home.
Me and Kyle left from Lenoir City early on 10-9 and traveled up Interstate 75 to 81. We had to make a bunch more stops than needed for me because the FZ1 Kyle was riding was far more limited in range. Here is us stopped in Wytheville, VA because the FZ1 needed gas and it's rider had to poop.


All that Virginia interstate riding was terrible, luckily we were using the Sena SMX 10 headsets that I purchased and had a good time entertaining ourselves with the usual male banter and berating cagers we passed. We finally made it to I-64 and into Waynesboro and finally the start of our real trip, the BRP.


As you can see I was super excited to be here.


It started out with some sweepers and it was much more enjoyable than the stupid interstate, we had a good time making fun of a lot of the signs along the way, the BRP has some hilarious names for places and signs for our immature brains. We got our first real treat of scenery and ravens roost not far from the start. So we stopped and got a few "oh pretty pics."



Don't want to fall off of it. It might hurt.


Well we get back on the bikes and make our way to MM 27 and down the road to Montebello Campground where we will spend the first night.


Yes, it is that full and yes it was loud all night.

It was nice to be under trees instead of being in a hotel though.


We decided to hold a rave.


It was a loud night though. We had our neighbors start having a domestic dispute with the woman yelling at the man and then the man telling us it's always his fault. They were a lot of fun. He didn't know how to start a campfire and so he asked us and we told him to use pine needles and twigs as kindling and he promptly told us "he is not a woodsman." They also started having a long conversation at 1AM, 3 feet from my tent. Luckily a guy somewhere in the campground screamed at them a few times telling them "WHAT PART OF QUIET TIME DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND!" til they went to sleep. They lost their dog at 3AM and chased it through my tent area too. They were great people. There was also kids screaming for no reason all night. I do not recommend this campground. Only positive I got to say is I got a hot shower this night, because the food sure did stink.


Yeah, we made eggs in the same dutch oven we burnt some bacon in. They look nasty, but weren't too bad.

We took off out of that redneck nightmare early on 10-10 and were treated to this view not far down the BRP.


It all started blending together after awhile though.


10-13-2010, 03:45 PM
Thats where I'm heading this weekend.
Fishing from Blowing Rock south to Mt. Pisgah.

10-13-2010, 03:49 PM
We saw a sign for the natural bridge (we were bombarded with this all the way up interstate 81) and thought we would check it out. There was a nice twisty asphalt road to the natural bridge, so it wasn't too bad of a detour. We found this guy waiting on us when we got there, he looked like he meant business.


We didn't go to the natural bridge, it cost money and we were not interested after seeing the prices and the line to get in.

On the way back to the brp, I tried to take a different route to get back on, but it led right into a gravel road. It was a great little surprise find that was twisty and fun.


Kyle on the FZ1 with PP 2CTs was not amused.


We got back on the BRP and it sort of leveled out and was kinda boring Virgina roads and we didn't really stop much or see anything great in this lower section of Virginia. So I don't really have pics of it. Eventually the FZ1 needed gas again, so we made a little pitstop in Floyd, VA.


We stopped in the dumpy section, apparently there was a much nicer part if we would of kept going a little bit as we found out on the way back to the BRP.

Eventually we made it into North Carolina and at our stop for the night, Doughton Park.


We camped under some trees, which ended up being stupid because leaves, acorns, massive branches fell on my tent the entire night and I was once again forced to go without much sleep.


It was nice and secluded at night though, we scanvenged for brush.


Note: don't bring jealous KLR riders with you, as this one tried to attack me on this night.


This campsite was really awesome though, only thing they didn't have that I missed was a shower. I tried to take a shower in the sink of the restroom, but the only other dude in the campsite decided to walk into the bathroom as I was almost naked. It was awkward. My friends saw him coming and knew what I was doing, but thought it would be more hilarious if they let him find me naked instead of warning me. Great friends...

We took off from Doughton on 10-11 and headed to Bluff Mountain overlook just 2 miles down the road.


It was worth the stop.


We said goodbye to Fred, the KLR rider, here as he had to make his way back to Maryland. Sucks he couldn't end to end it with us.

The rest of the day is kind of a blur. It was filled with lots of views and beautiful fall colors, here is a small collection of pics I took from that day.



10-13-2010, 03:52 PM



I didn't any great shots of grandfather mountain or craggly gardens, but those were two of my favorite spots of the whole trip. We were being really time concious on this day, because we piddled around too much the day before and it took us a lot longer to do half of the BRP than we thought. So we limited our stops on this day to make sure we got home at a decent time. I really want to do the VA/NC border to Asheville section again, taking more time to stop and enjoy the view. This was the best section of the entire trip.

Here is my last shot of the trip. One of the many tunnels you pass through on the way into Cherokee.


It was disappointing to not find a "here ends the BRP" sign to take a final pic, but oh well.

We went into Cherokee to fill up our gas tanks and then made our way across 441 in the GSMNP and then on Little River Rd into Townsend and finally back 321 into Lenoir City. It was a great trip and I am glad to officially be a BRP end to ender.

10-14-2010, 04:43 PM
Awesome report and pics man! Guess I am going to have to stop bad mouthing you bikers from inside my cage so much cause that looks like fun hehe. I was up there a couple of weeks ago stayed in little switzerland. Grandfather mtn. was all fogged over but craggy gardens was nice. Got to fish up there sometime maybe hit the wilson creek or graveyard fields area.