View Full Version : Chattahoochee Fishing Great!

Rainbow Warrior
10-17-2010, 07:44 PM
I floated on the chattahoochee today with my dad from jones bridge to about 1.5 miles downstream and then motored up. We got there at around 7:40. The water was still a little high from last nights generation. At first we motored upstream to the island that is below Jones bridge. We anchored up, fished a little, and waited for generation to die off. As we were waiting another boat from river through atlanta motored up past usand did the same thing. We set off and never saw them again. Withinn a few yards of drifting my dad hooked a fish on a pink #14 BH SJW. We released it and kept fishing. We were hooking up consistently on the san juan, pheasant tails, and our secret fly. We drifted down to a spot we call "the aquarium". This spot definitely satisfied today. We picked up about 10. All stocker rainbows. We drifted past the small rapids anfd int some nice shoals. We gotout and waded. On my first cast, I hooked and landed a beautiful 12" brown. All of the browns in the 'hooch are wild and are developing their fall colors. We kept wading on this shoal and caught many more fish. I eventually lost my thingamabob and had to walk up to the boat and get another one. Instead of putting an indicator on, i switched to a size 6 olive rubber legged wooly bugger to see if i could get any above average fish out of the runs and shoals i had previously nymphed. It did not take long until i hooked and landed a nice 16" rainbow. This fish was extremely fat and resembled a football. It was a very nice fish for the 'hooch. After that we got back in the boat and headed to the aquarium again. We picked up a few more out of there and headed home at about 12:30. it was too bad i had a school project to wark on because the fishing was so good. :mad: Oh well, it was definately a grat day! We ended up with about 30 combined. :cool: