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LA MantaRay12
11-06-2010, 09:05 AM
I know this isn't really the right place for this post but I couldn't find a catagory to place it under in this forum:

I need some help with a Thanksgiving turkey....My son, wife and I are traveling to Gatlinburg on November 17 and will be there through T'giving. We will actually be staying in Pigeon Forge. Does anyone know where i can procure a fried turkey for Thanksgiving or a baked turkey would suffice? I know here, where i live, sometimes church or other groups will fry turkeys for a fee.

I also am interested in suggestions for a Bakery to purchase a b'day cake...the wife's b'day falls on T'giving day this year.

I am sure we will be paying a visit to the LRO shop (mulitple times) over our stay. Hope to meet some of you folks from this forum while i'm in town.

11-06-2010, 01:57 PM
Maybe some Sevier county folks could tell you more but I will tell you what I know. There is a Honey Baked ham store I think in the Tanger outlet in Pigeon Forge and you could call them they may have some things like that.

You can call Bennett's BBQ in Pigeon Forge and they will do a whole turkey cooked for you to pick up including sides. They also have a Thanksgiving buffet on Thanksgiving day. They would probably do a cake if you asked.

Several other places serve big Thanksgiving day dinners around there where it is all cooked for including Ober Gatlinburg. Another place to check would be a newer place called Mama's Farmhouse they did a Thanksgiving thing last year and you can make reservations for it. I have ate there it is a lot of food and they keep bringing it. Another place you might call is the "Apple Barn" in Pigeon Forge I don't know if they do Thanksgiving stuff but I would suspect they do.

LA MantaRay12
11-06-2010, 09:48 PM
all great suggestions...I will take a look at the Mama's Farmhouse, never been there, i have eaten at the Apple Barn. Thanks again...i feel better knowing there are places that in the past have provided Tgiving dinners.