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11-21-2010, 07:27 PM
Having not fished for the last 10 days, and missing the great whitewater that was around last week I decided to do a little fishing on the Little this Sunday afternoon. My dad had come in town this weekend so I missed my normal Friday fishing day, but he took off for home early today and temps were very mild so I figured it might be alright for some park fishing.

I started my trip with a stop at LRO to pick up a new reel for my 5wt tailwater rod. I realized after my last trip to the S Holston a couple weeks ago that my current reel was crap (cheaper Ross) after switching set up with a buddy for a half hour or so. He fishes L & I fish R and I was still casting an additional 20 yards with little problem. Furthermore the Ross didn't have a drag system and since this will be a tailwater rod it was time to get a more quality reel. I went with an Orvis Battenkill Mid arbor which seemed plenty nice for me. Unfortunately I screwed up when telling the young gentleman that I was left handed, and he had asked me if I left retrieved which I stupidly nodded my head. Anyway he set's it up and I'm off.

Get close to the river and am amazed a lack of fisherman. Found a section with some sunlight and parked and got dressed and rigged up. When I rigged up I realized the reel was screwed. I pulled out the instructions and switch the retrieval, but line was wound the wrong way. After initially being a bit iritated, I soon realized it was my fault and felt pretty stupid. I cast it a few times, and soon realized I would need a new plan as this would not be working. My next brilliant idea was to just rig up with my 3wt reel. That really wasn't much better, but did allow my to fish for 20 minutes or so. it was just enough time to let me hook a fish. Unfortunately I only had him hooked for a couple of second before he broke off my prince nymph because I obviously tied a bad knot around the huge nymph I had above it.

Busted out of there and ran into fellow board member Spotlight, and chatted with him for a few minutes. It always nice to meet some one for real that you only know through cyberspace:smile:

Hit LRO a few minutes before close where they fixed my mistake and got my reel set up right.

All in all still a good day, but my first Smoky Mountain skunking in a long time. A little hard on the pride:redface: after having a great season with some 60, 80 ,and even a 100 fish day. But I still new at this and I guess we all have to pay our dues, and today was a day for me to pay mine:biggrin:

James Locke

11-21-2010, 07:48 PM
Good day on the river! Beats working! I cast both sides so the handle is on the wrong side about 50% of the time. The folks at LRO are great, aren't they! A few years ago, I was at the Little River Village Campground and was fishing behind the campground. A fellow from out of state watched me, and got the itch again. He went to LRO and hooked up with Byron. The fellow got at complete outfit so he could start flyfishing again. Not many places would have the patience to work with a customer like that!

11-22-2010, 11:45 AM
Yeah man was a slowwww day the only fish I even seen was the one that hit my yarn strike indicator. There were no other fishermen that I seen all day until I ran into you. But I caught zilch! but still a nice day to be in the mountains.

11-23-2010, 01:34 AM
Glad I'm not the only one to get skunked today. I haven't went home without catching anything in 3 or 4 years until today. It was still a nice day to be out though.

11-23-2010, 11:53 AM
I guess it's becoming that time of year for the Smokies.

Ooh and I completely forgot to mention that while getting dressed and rigged, a young ranger that I had not seen before stopped. After chatting for a second he did indeed check my license. I mentioned it was the first time I had ever been checked in the park and thanked him for checking it. We chatted about how he does check plenty of licenses, and also agreed on how it would be hard for rangers at present staffing levels to go after every fisherman in the backcountry. Nice guy! Sorry I forgot his name. Another positive experience with law enforcement that seems to be the standard in the park.