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01-03-2011, 10:04 PM
Any suggestions for waters to fish in July 2011. We are staying just north of Hebgen Lake.

01-03-2011, 10:48 PM
Just about anywhere in the area. The Henry's Fork very technical in July. The Madison just anywhere. The Park. The Big Hole Gallatin. Hoppers and PMD's

01-04-2011, 06:37 PM
If you do visit Durango area, don't forget the San Juan river is about 25 miles south, that could always be a day trip. In July lots of good dry fishing and browns and rainbows are common at 18 to 22 inch. big predictable tailwater, not like the Arkansas area.
Rocky Mountain Park is another great area. A couple of years ago I stayed in a cabin on the Big thompson, good brown fishing. In Rocky Mountain Park, you may see people but the idea is to go high, plenty of cuts, browns, brookies and bows. Once you climb a few feet you usually do not see another soul. My wife got a grand slam the last day we fished. Also plenty of other streams in the area outside the park. Tosdd Hosmann has a couple of good books on Rocky Mountain National Park and surrounding streams

01-06-2011, 09:25 PM
You will be about an hours drive from the Madison...would suggest a float trip there. Also about 1 1/2 hours to the Beaverhead and the Big hole they are close together. You can wade the upper areas of both. If you fish Henry's Fork do so early in the year. The Park has tons of water, the Lamar, Soda Butte, Gibbons, Gallatin, Gardner. Ive got a book on the Park if you want it drop me note and I'll mail it to you...I'd suggest bear spary and bells inside the park.

Drop me line if you want this book............Bob

01-07-2011, 02:47 PM
You've got to fish the Madison if you can. IMO it's the epitomy of a fly fisherman's dream! The Galitan also very good. Further north, the Big Blackfoot.

01-07-2011, 03:24 PM
I went to Slough Creek this past summer. Got there the same times you will be going and the grasshoppers were wild. Great trip. Also a great PMD hatch with a few little stones as well.

01-07-2011, 04:39 PM
The Madison float trip for sure. (Blue Ribbon Fly Shop in West Yellowstone - good folks and can set you up with a guide0.

Inside the park, there are some smaller streams my son and I found to be a lot more fun than the big name streams.

Nez Perce Creek - about a mile off the main road. Bows, Browns - nice stream (Give the Bison plenty of right-of-way)

indian creek - hungry brookies and some bows - small stream easy to fish

Blacktail Deer Creek - very hungry (and not overly smart) brookies in the 8 - 14" range. My son and I caught so many, we started throwing goofey flies (like foam poppers) out there to catch them. This is a small meadow stream (bear country watch out).

Gibbon Meadows - very well educated trout but fun to fish for. Had a lot of refusals here and landed a couple nice fish before a Japanese famiy decided to picnic close to where we were fishing and their teen age son splashed his way up to us to ask if we caught any fish. Pretty funny really but that section of stream was dead.

Firehole River (just be careful, some thermal areas alongside the stream. Very unsettling to step into knee deep warm mud. My son was walking along the side of the stream and went in waist deep in luke warm mud. It looked just like the rest of the streamside with grass and everything but one step and boom, you're in deep mud. The warm mud is what's scary because if it's warm, it could just as easily be hot. Also, the bottom of the Firehole has old thermal features (and active ones) and some of the holes are deep enough for you to trip in and possibly twist an ankle or worse. Great stream, but be careful and watch your step.

Gardiner River - we only fished this at a pull off and didn't really give it a full chance but it is an interesting stream.

yellowstone lake and a few other lakes are supposed to hold fish but we didn't fish there.

I really like West Yellowstone. It's a really cool tourist town.


01-07-2011, 09:11 PM
If you decide to float the Madison get in touch with Chris Eaton at Eatonoutfitters.com. Chris lives in Bozeman and has 2 rental houses in the Ennis area. The Madison is his home water and he will certainly provide you with a first class float trip. Everyone in that area is about $450.00 for 2 people for a full days float, lunch provided. His guides do an outstanding job. Tell him Bob Nanney from North Carolina said "hello"
There are some really nice browns in the Madison.
You might also try the Bear Trap Canyon which is below Madison lake, easy to fish and some nice bows and browns.

Enjoy the trip...We're going to Gunnison this year instead of Montana ..want to try something different..!!

01-08-2011, 10:08 AM
I would have a hard time passing up the Henry's Fork in July especially early July. Love the Last Chance/Ranch area. Big fish coming up for various drakes and Flavs with some PMDs mixed in. Silvercreek

03-14-2011, 06:27 PM
I'd fish the Madison (of course) and the Gallatin and I'd also fish the Firehole, other than that, there is so much quality water there that you can't really go wrong. There are so many fly shops to ask questions in and get maps that you can't help but get clued in on where to fish and what to fish, etc. It's all good, just depends on whether you want to fish bigger water or smaller water. I typically fish a bigger stream in the morning and spend the afternoon on a smaller stream that I've never fished yet. I've fished there for several years now and still find streams I've never tried.

DEFINITELY get bear spray and have it with you ALL THE TIME and pay attention to all the wildlife and give them a very wide detour. It's incredible to see how dumb some people can act in Yellowstone. You won't believe it but you'll see people, every day, walk up to bison and elk to try to pet them - luckily MOST of the time the game will simply walk or run away but every time I've gone to Yellowstone I see people get horned or stomped by wildlife who have had enough.

You'll love the fishing! Just watch where you're going and be respectful of the wildlife and you'll have a blast!