View Full Version : Chattahoochee DH Drift 1/29/11...The day of the wooly bugger.

Rainbow Warrior
01-29-2011, 09:44 PM
My Dad and I had been wanting to drift the whole Chattahoochee DH for a while. We made plans to do it today. We arrived at the water around 8:45.

When we arrived, our buddy Steve Lamb from GA Fly Guide was at the ramp. He and one of his friends were going out. We chatted a little, and then they set out. After putting the boat in, my Dad drove to Paces Mill to meet my mom for a shuttle. While he did this. I went out in the boat myself and went upstream to the other side. There was a log pile and a deeeeeep run. At first I used nymphs, but they didn't get any looks. Next I tried stripping a wooly bugger. Nada. I tried swinging it next....BINGO! I started getting fish. The trick was to keep is deep and slow. Here's my first fish.

A SNIT rainbow. Very very fat! It did not take me long to figure out why.

Sadly, I didn't have any white wooly buggers and forgot my shad patterns at home. I probably could have caught more with them. ... Meanwhile, my mom dropped off my dad and we set off. Underneath Johnson's ferry bridge I caught another rainbow.

He hit a wooly bugger swung past a piling. We anchored below the bridge. I got a hard hit and it was fish on. The fish was extremely strong and took some drag. I thought I had hooked a pig until i saw it was just a nice one foul hooked in the tail. I threw him back and we kept going. About a hundred yards downstream, I hooked up with another nice fish.

I threw him back. After this we had some more hits, but no hook ups. We went through a long dry spell until we got to my favorite spot from last time. I dead drifted the wooly bugger deep on sink tip. It worked http://illiweb.com/fa/i/smiles/icon_biggrin.png

After we fished this spot we went through another dry spell. We caught up with Steve and he said they were having similar results. Once we passed sope creek, my dad started catching fish. On the wooly bugger of course. I was rowing at the time. One thing about the chattahoochee is that there is no such thing as a day with no wind. Today was no exception. As we were going by Cochran Shoals it was very windy. We ended up just rowing by. We made it to the set of rapids below Cochran shoals. Right before we got to them, my dad hooked and landed 3 fish quick. I was still rowing... I rowed us through the rapids. It was pretty fun! After we got past them it was my turn to fish. I used a #12 BHPT with a lightning bug variation as a dropper. I hooked up just above the 75 bridge. Hit the PT. I released it and we kept on going. While we were underneath the 75 bridge I coaxed a rainbow from behind a piling to hit my lightning bug. This fish had been gorging on shad.

There were 2 in its mouth at the time, but I'm sure he had eaten plenty of them due to the size of his gut. After we released this fish we had to start heading for the ramp. We rowed through some awesome looking areas and some more rapids. We were running late. My Dad had a dinner party with one of his friends from work. We took out at about 5:45...it was a long day on the water. Overall we got probably 20 combined. Next time we want to launch at white water for a half day and do the shorter drift to paces. There was some great water that we skipped in between there! Hope you guys got out as well.


01-29-2011, 11:17 PM
One of my most memorable fly fishing experiences occurred on the 'hootch above northern 285 bypass. My buddy Gerald Wilt and I tubed this area one summer mid day. The trout were rising to 12/14 size light cahills. We didn't even cast until we saw a rise. We absolutely slew the trout (releasing every one). A red letter day by any standard!


Rainbow Warrior
01-30-2011, 09:12 AM
I have never fished the Cahill hatch on the Hooch, but I have been out there on days where the blue wing olives and midges are hatching on the upper river at jones bridge park. I swear it brings up every fish in the river! I bet it's even better with a bigger mayfly species.