View Full Version : Chattahoochee DH Drift 2/13/11

Rainbow Warrior
02-13-2011, 08:50 PM
Spent the day drifting the Hooch DH. The wind wasn't quite as bad as last time, but it was still windy. We wound up with about 25 combined. It was a long day. The drift is about 8 miles and takes about 9 hours. I'll let the pictures describe the day....
Started out swinging a wooly bugger with a RL Prince dropped off while I was waiting for my dad with the shuttle. The Prince scored the first fish.
Switched to nymphs with a RL prince up top with a glo bug dropper. Caught this little guy.
After this, my mom dropped my dad off and off we went....It was about 9:30.
They sure feel a lot bigger when they're hooked like this.
Caught a few more snits after this, but then hit a dry spell. After a while, I switched to stripping a wooly bugger. I started fishing at log piles. I managed to find some fish that I believe were hold overs. Their colors were great! This picture does no justice. They were insanely fat, too.
Next I stuck a really nice fish. I set the hook, but he stayed deep, and then went oon a run. After a few minutes I netted a 16 inch rainbow that had to be a holdover.
It was an awesome fish. Next we arrived at cochran shoals. I managed one before It was my turn to row.
Next my dad fished a while and caught four or five. He cracked part of his rod, but it was still usable. We kept going and switching off. I ended up snapping that rod when I set the hook on a tiny trout. We talked to a guy who said he had just released a 24" brown and had caught a 22" bow earlier. I am skeptical on the lengths. Most likely because if there were fish that big, I would have caught one, LOL. A little while later we pulled in at paces. It was a long day.
Overall we wound up with about 25 fish. ALL rainbows. The top fly was a #12 BHRL Prince Nymh. (zug, you're right. Those bigger princes do work!) It was a great day to be out for sure!
Hope you guys got out as well.


02-17-2011, 04:40 AM
Great report RW! Although, I must say I was hoping to see an inside shot of that boat. ;) LOL

Nice rainbows!!

Rainbow Warrior
02-17-2011, 06:00 PM
Thanks Owl, glad you liked it.
I'll make sure to put a shot of the inside up next time i report from the boat.

It wont be for a few weeks though. I am headed up to Colorado Saturday. :biggrin: