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02-14-2011, 08:59 PM
I usually like to start my spring fly fishing with a trip to Twenty Mile creek. So today the wife and I had a pinic there for our Valentines day gift to each other. It was a tad breezy but, the sun was warming and made the day a beautiful one. My wife took her new camera instead of fishing with me this trip and she took some wonderful pictures. Hopefully she will get those down loaded tonight and I can post a couple tomorrow. I fished for 1 and a half hours and put 2 to hand and had 4 L.D.R.s. We spotted a really nice bow just above the bridge off the main road so I put on a flawless stalk, made a perfect cast with a beautiful dead drift and the big bow followed the nymph so close to me that I could have caught him by hand. I was amazed to watch him open his mouth and suck it in. I set the hook and for a split second thought I had this one in the "bag" but, it wasn't to be. I hadn't been paying attention and had fed my fly line into my rod tip and when the leader got tight he pulled off. I still plucked a nice smaller fella from the hole and LDR ed another. I also LDR ed about a 10 in bow from my favorite hole on up the creek and landed a "whale" of a bow .... if you were a Blue Wing Olive. He was about as long as my ring finger. Something interesting was that he took the #16 "humpback" Copper John and the larger fish all took the #22 Olive Zebra midge. I didn't take a temp on the little creek but, I can say that it was COLD. There was also a speratic BWO hatch .... if you call 50 or so BWOs flying around a hatch. Another note was that I had to add plenty of weight to get the nymphs down. It was a great trip with my wife and we both really enjoyed the trip.

02-15-2011, 10:22 AM
Sounds like you had a good time. Thanks or posting a report.