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03-18-2011, 07:49 AM
1. Can I purchase a fishing license, hunting license, trout stamp and gatlingburg fishing license at LRO? I'd rather buy it there than some big box store. Already found the answer to this one. Need to hone my interwebs searching methods!!

2. Was thinking of taking my almost 5 year old daughter fishing in Gatlingburg Saturday. I've been accused of being a little over protective of her. She'll have a life vest, be tied to me by a three foot piece of rope and at no point in time will she be more than 3' away from me. A helmet is optional. Is the water still high? Isn't there a kids only fishing section? Anyone know where this is? I'll search the interwebs to see when they stock.

Thanks a bunch!

03-18-2011, 07:59 AM
there is no fly fishing ony section in gatlinburg. The childrens section is a great place to start, however you will find just as many fish down near the visitors center in the spur, and you can fish there as well. No matter where you fish right now it is artificial lures (or flies) only. If she is spin fishing go with a bight pink trout magnent under the trout magnent float. Cast it up stream and dead drift it back. Pink for some reason tears them up. there are also a ton of fish up by the Christian gardens and the sky lift. The water is still up a bit, but totaly fishable! Hope this helps!

03-18-2011, 08:09 AM
Thanks 2weight! We'll be using the long rod and flies or nymphs. We'll only have one rod and my plan was to help her cast, reel, etc. The regs I have found say that only kids under 12 can fish in the kids only section. Will I be allowed to "help" in these sections? She's only about 5 so casting a 9' rod is nearly impossible for her!

03-18-2011, 12:11 PM
help all you want. you can cast, help se tthe hook, whatevewr it takes to get your children to catch fish. As long as you dont have your own rod, you are in the good! Size 14 pheasant tails and princes should do the job!

03-18-2011, 03:06 PM

I just posted river flows for Little River above and below Townsend. They should give you an indication of the conditions. All the river gages are steadily dropping to their normal levels, barring any more storms.

If your avatar is your little girl, let me tell you I do not blame you at all for being overly protective. She's just darling.

Good Luck fishing! I hope your little girl catches some fish and you both have a wonderful time!

God bless!