View Full Version : Great Day on the Toccoa River

Rainbow Warrior
04-23-2011, 08:55 PM
My Dad and I used to love to drift the Toccoa River below the dam since we first did it in Jan. 2010. We stopped drifting it after the drawdown started. Lately I have been seeing enough reports from here and RJF's blog to persuade us to go back out and give it a go. I am glad we did.
We dropped the boat in at Tammen Park at about 7:45 am. As my dad went and did the shuttle thing his buddy Ty and I prepped the boat. When he got back we set off. It was pretty crowded around the park, so we had to weave through the people down until we got past the 515 bridge. I was rigged up with a #14 Pheasant Tail with a dropper #16 prince variation I threw together the night before. We went through most of the slow water below the bridge with nothing but gunk on our flies. Towards the end I got the day's first fish.
We threw him back and kept going. Once we reached the first nice runs we got out and waded. I snagged a fish "on accident" :rolleyes: as I was walking to the spot I wanted to start at. Immediately my Dad and I hooked up.I ended up getting 4 ot 5 from this spot with my Dad getting 3 or 4. We went a little further and got out again. I worked some seams and did real well. The fish were loving my prince variation. My Dad was doing good too on a blue assasin. We kept going. Once we got to the first big bend we hooked up again. As my dad was bringing in about a 12" stocker, a big boy came up and checked the hooked fish. It looked to be a 24-25" rainbow! Towards the end of this pool Ty got his first fish. Ty is a newbie to fly fishing, but every time we take him he always gets the biggest fish. Last may he scored a 19" brown and today got a nice 15"er that ended up being the best of the day.
http://i765.photobucket.com/albums/xx294/troutFREAK134/010-1.jpgAfter letting him go we got out at the next set of shoals and waded. We decided we wanted trout for dinner, so we kept 3 10-12" stockers. (eating them as I'm typing this) It was about 11:30 by then and some guys in a canoe and a metal john boat thing came by. We let them pass and ate lunch to get some separation. We started off again and picked up a few. Then the water started to get muddy and there was noticibly more debris in the water. We were expecting full on generation, but it never happened. We drifted with the higher, muddier water for about 3 hours to no avail. There was a lot of great water we passed due to the conditions. When we were about a mile from Curtis Switch Rd. bridge it started to go back down and clear up. I managed 3 more by the time we took out. Taking out at Curtis Switch is difficult to say the least. It was about 5:30 at the time and we were all tired. I am glad we checked it out again. It was a great day! Here's a few more photos......http://i765.photobucket.com/albums/xx294/troutFREAK134/011.jpg