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05-06-2011, 06:32 PM
Has anyone fished Calderwood lately? I have not been on it in quite sometime and would appreciate any current information. Thanks in advance and GO NAVY

old east tn boy
05-06-2011, 08:52 PM
Ms. Annie and I were on Calderwood Wednesday as the generation schedule was favorable for kayaking. We met four other folks camping there and were told the fishing was great for Rainbows, Browns and Brookies all over the lake. The advice was to use a spinner bait green in color with just enough retrieve to spin the blade. This was my first time on Calderwood so Ms. Annie and I mainly paddled around sightseeing from the dam downstream about a mile and a half. We did a little fishing (for as long as Ms. Annie will lie down in the boat!) with a pearl sparkle spinner and got a hard strike right at the boat from what looked like a good rainbow, maybe 16-18"? When we returned to the put-in point the other folks came in with about half a dozen fish in each of two boats, all rainbows 12-16 inchers. There is not many folks on the lake right now, beautiful place to go for a nice quiet day away from bass boaters.

FWIW, Chilhowee lake is closed, as in all boat ramps are blocked, due to a power line transmission tower down in the water from the storm last Wednesday. Looks like bank fishing only there for awhile.

05-07-2011, 03:42 PM

Early and late are best on Calderwood as far as fly fishing goes. You can also fish under the lights drowning night crawlers and corn and catch a ton of fish. That is if you just want to fill the freezer as there isn't much of a challenge to it. I've done real well where the the river comes into the lake just above the bridge and before they put the line across the river I would catch them right up against the dam where the water spilled out of the flood gate. Fish the left hand bank going up river from the boat ramp. Once you pass the bridge it gets good on both sides of the river. Streamers worked well for me but, you will have your best results if they are generating. You can set out in the middle of the lake at dark and race to a rise with your trolling motor and catch a few. Of course Slick Rock creek is an option along with Parson's Branch and (what I call) Rabbit Creek on down the lake. I camped at Calderwood once and it rained 4 3/4 inches that night and had my boat motor not hit bottom it would have sunk my boat. After I bailed the water out my friend and I fished the stained muddy water for only a short time and caught brown after brown with him landing a 4 lber on a rapala. It's not uncommon to catch brookies at night under the lights 16-18 inchs long but, they aren't the pretty colored up hard fighting river brooks. You can catch a few smaller brookies up near the boat launch as well. I've only caught one lake trout in Calderwood and it was small but, I've saw some night ones in other peoples boats that deep troll for them. The night that I caught the laker we had a brown, brookie, rainbow and laker in my boat. Wonder what kinda slam that would make had a landed all 4 myself? LOL!!!

05-08-2011, 11:41 AM
Thanks gentlemen for the updates, I am going to fish the lake in a couple of weeks.