View Full Version : Daughters first gsmnp fly fishing trip

05-23-2011, 08:42 PM
My 13 yr old daughter is stoked to go fly fishing with me next week. This has been a long time coming, we have been stopping a LRO for years and all she has been intrested in is Paula's fly fishing Barbie. She went with me to a MTFF beginning fly fishing class I vol. to help with and spent the whole time yard casting. Now she is super excited to go fishing. some of you may remember my son on this board "gaintfish" well he has grown up on me and has a summer job to help pay for college. Now I am starting with a new fishing buddy, what will she be "Anglefish"?

05-23-2011, 10:31 PM
Congrats on the new fishing partner Vern! My boys are just getting old enough to start fly fishing and I cant wait for them to get older and go out on some real adventures. I wanna see a report when you take her out on her first trip!
Sorry to hear about your son not being able to fish with you now, but Im glad to hear hes working through college. I've seen so many kids come through colleges that have no concept of money or work, and expect everything handed to them. Its hard on you now, but its good for him in the long run. Once hes out of college and settled Im sure he will be up for some flyfishing with dad again! Just hang in there!