View Full Version : Holston at Nance's today

05-28-2011, 10:31 PM
So last week I was stiffled at Nance's on small (size 18) dark brown caddis emergers; a new color for me... but I managed many fish on tan CDC emergers, para sulphurs and bead head nymphs.

So.... I show up today and there are no dark brown caddis but just a few very pale tan size 20 caddis and they seem to only take stuff under the film where I land one and break off four and LDR three more.

Saw my monster brown again this week in side water.... Gezum he's huge and just wallowing about taking a bunch of these size 12 tan mayflies that got caught in a side eddy.. Swam in to this small patch of slack water and hoovered them up and left.

Does the Holston get much in the way of sulphurs... and why do so few people seem to fly fish it? Anyone know.

Today a dude in a jet boat blew past and put the fish down for quite a while and when he drifted down to me he re-lit his motor several times and put them down again... the driftboaters are more respectful but this guy deserved a size 10 bead head to the face.

I'm told the trout fishery goes to **** at nances due to warm water and hope it holds up a while longer..... I really like the spot.

05-28-2011, 11:22 PM

Did you happen to take the temp? Haven't been there in nearly 2 weeks. For som reason (not complaining) the pressure has been lower at Nances than the last 3 years I have been fishing that area. Guess I have been holding out by not posting reports a few weeks ago, but it's not like it's a secret place, so I enjoyed the relative solitude and great fishing while the caddis hatch was kicking butt!


05-29-2011, 09:39 AM
Over the years I have tended to carry less in my vest; no temp device, sorry.

Looks like we're in for a heat wave. If all those trout move up river I sure would like to know where to hunt; have driven many roads on the north/west side of the Holston looking for shoal water.... even in unoccurpied sub-divisions.

There is a big land sale of an old farm coming up off the quarry road on the Grainger side below the dam; if I had the coin I would buy an access for everyone. Oh Well.