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05-30-2011, 09:10 PM
Left work early on the 19th to do a little pond fishing for bass. With all the cicadas hatching I thought the top water bite would be on, and it was! I only had about 2 hours to fish so I made the best of my time and really worked the pond over. I started with a sz. 1 black popper with red eyes and got a huge hit on the first full cast! :eek: I hooked a largemouth but he jumped and shook out the fly.:mad: I then started working my way around the pond and got lots of hard tugs but no takers, it was bluegills and the fly was to big for them. I down sized to a sz 4 Chartruse/black/red popper and started wearing out Bluegills! Kinda small ones, all males. Then I landed a fat male Bluegill he was a solid 8in. long and about an inch thick, "pan size" mmm.... Anyways, I continued working the water and landed a small Largemouth, at about a pound, then 5 minutes before I decided to leave I hooked into a good size largemouth, he was 19in. and was over 3lbs., this was one of the big boys for this pond. This was a really good sign, because the pond had a turnover year 3 summers ago, and the bass and gills are reaching good sizes now. Those 2 hours on the water shure beat two more hours at work.

Big Blugeill

The "pounder"

The "Biggun"

05-31-2011, 12:52 PM
Nice, Mark! That last one looks like he'd put a nice bend in your 5wt :biggrin: