View Full Version : While camping at Elkmont this past weekend...

05-31-2011, 08:51 AM
I had three very cool things happen to me.

-After dinner Friday evening, I told my wife I was gonna go wet my fishing line for a few minutes before campfire time with the kids. I couldn't really go too far from the site so I was still in the thick of the campground (E/F loop). At almost exactly 8:30, I notice tens of thousands of little yellow flies all over the water and in the air. The fish were all over it. I went back the next night at the same time and it happened again but this time there were prolly twice as many flies in the air. I saw fish not only rising but jumping out of the water...it was so cool. I was amazed at how many bugs were in the air and in my face. It happened on Sunday night too at the same time but there wasn't nearly as many flies coming out as the previous two nights.

-On Saturday evening about 8:20 pm, as I'm walking back to this little run I pulled a fish out of earlier, I cross paths on the river with two elderly gentlemen in waders. One of them was smoking a pipe that smelled really good. They asked if I did any good and I replied "Does a chub count as not getting skunked?" They both laughed and one of the guys said "Let me give you fly to help you out. The hatch is about to happen and they will tear this up." He gave me a bright yellow parachute adams and said they were off to fish above the bridge. I thought that was a very cool gesture to help out this newbie. If you guys are out there, thanks.

-Had some great times with my wife and sons...and even managed to bring a few small rainbows to hand in the campground when I could sneak away. I imagine that the fish in the campground have had just about everything thrown at them including salmon eggs, rooster tails, bread, corn, etc.

05-31-2011, 09:43 AM
These are some of those moments that you never forget. We should all be just like the gentleman with the pipe. It is a good thing for us and and good thing for the sport. Glad you had a good time.

05-31-2011, 12:27 PM
Yellow seems to always do well in the warmer months. I like a yellow neversink.

06-02-2011, 08:34 AM
When I was getting started in fly fishing, several nice people along the streams and on the message boards helped me in similar ways.

I don't consider myself an expert now but I can usually manage to catch fish and have made it a point these past 4 or 5 years to return the favor every chance I get.

I always carry a few extra flies with me, some spare tippet and other small essentials. I carry these so that if I run into a person on the water who is new, struggling, or just having a bad day, I can hand over some stuff that may help.

As good as you felt being on the receiving end of the gift of the yellow flies, I'd be willing to bet the fellow who handed them over to you felt better and was able to pass along something someone did for him years ago.

Nope, it wasn't me with the pipe (cigar man myself). But if you ever come across a not too handsome gray haired 50something guy with what's left of a cigar hanging out of his mouth and he hands you some flies or a new leader or some other thing you may be struggling with at the moment, it may well be me.


06-03-2011, 08:28 AM
That's good stuff, love it! It's always a treat to run up on someone like that, and the hatches, well, that's just icing on the cake! Glad you had a nice camping trip, and along the same lines of your post, thanks so much to all the guys out there who helped me and encouraged me to get started in Flyfishing! It's been a fun journey and I enjoy it more each passing year. I am not, however, responsible for the opinions of my wife on this subject and if you see her and the subject comes up be sure to confirm that you really can buy a Winston b2x for under $50.;)........