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06-09-2011, 10:21 AM
Had a day with nothing to do and a roommate willing to get out and joining me on a canoe trip up to Calderwood lake and finish up with some fly fishing on Slick Rock creek.

Picked up the canoe at 9AM and we were on the water by 11 and quickly started our goal which was to paddle down to the last campsite on the lake that my father and i used to frequent. The trip was beautiful and there were no generators and with the exception of one of the canoe seats breaking we made it down in just under 2:30 which was pretty fast (20 min to slick rock for those of you interested in that)

here are some pics of the trip down and the camp site at the bottom


this is the olde train tunnel that is almost filled up...water was very clear


heres the camp site


on the way back we saw a bald eagle which was cool and stopped at slick rock which i have been too several times and i have to say is the most beautiful mountain stream i have even been on in this area. I wish the fishing was as good:( my friend caught a small mouth right in the mouth of the cove on spinning gear which was surprising to me. I bet there are some monsters in that lake. i managed a few red-eyes on a popper in the cove as well. started up the creek with my usually #16 stimulator and BHPT dropper...quickly got in to the little "smokey mountain cutthroats" i believe thats what i have heard them called. there were hundreds in every pool. now im 90% positive i did some some trout in some of these pools but they never bit. i moved up several pools then it finally happened:) caught 2 rainbows in the same pool. one on the dry and one on the dropper. They were both small but very colorful, some of the best i have scene. so after 3-4 times to that creek im off the skunk at slick rock. here are some pics








06-09-2011, 03:28 PM
Great pictures. I absolutely LOVE that creek for some reason even thou the fishing has never been great for me. I can't believe how low the creek is in your pictures from the last time I was there. Congrats on the bows tho.

06-09-2011, 05:17 PM
Looks like a fun trip, Thanks for sharing the story and pics!