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06-09-2011, 04:34 PM
If you want to catch a tarpon but, don't want the long drive to catch them just get in your boat and head to Tellico Lake below Chilhowee dam. You aren't going to catch the 100 lbs but, I promise you these 3-4 lb shad will put on a spectacular acrobatic spectical for you. I didn't expect to see them schooled up like I did this morning so I just took my spinning rod to catch my catfish bait for next weekends cat fishing/camping/man weekend. I am going back in the morning with the 5 wt and a white fly. Just throw anything white and RIP it threw the water. I caught enough to honestly fill up a 75 qt cooler with 1 bag of ice in it and I quit. If you go they are just below the "Bright's Curve" boat ramp or the first ramp you come to on U.S. 129. It will be hard to miss them if they are up it looks like something off of the Discovery Channel.

06-09-2011, 05:20 PM
I love catching those on light tackle! Back when I was a kid, we would always go down below the dams to catch them. We would sometimes rig up 2 jigs and catch 2 at a time. Ah, good times!

06-10-2011, 12:22 PM
It wasn't a good morning for TN Tarpon today. The wind was whipping and they weren't breaking to good. I took the wife and she hooked into one with ultra light spin tackle and she laughed like a kid every time it jumped 4 foot in the air. I finally hooked into one on the fly rod and handed it to the wife and grabbed the camera but, as soon as I got the camera in focus it made a dive for deep water and she grabbed the reel and it popped the line. I did hook into a couple more but, nothing stayed hooked. We only fished for 30-45 minutes I guess but, we may try it again in the morning. I did see two fly fishermen in a boat working the bank but, I didn't get to speak to them.