View Full Version : Simms felt sole boots

08-02-2011, 10:58 AM
Byron's Fishing Report for today, August 2nd, stated that Simms is going to have felt sole boots. Previously, there has been alot of discussion about felt and its supposed impact (or non-impact) on the spread of didymo, etc.

I sent an e-mail to Byron, asking him to communicate our support of Simm's on felt. I would request that everyone who wears felt send an e-mail to Byron, and asking him to forward to Simms that there is support for their decision. :biggrin:


08-02-2011, 07:52 PM
As a TU member I was pretty disheartened to see their misguided pressure on the manufacturers. I bought three pairs of Weinbrenners before they discontinued them. Looks like the felt will survive after all. Makes you wonder if the states who already banned it, realize they've been pressured in to knee jerk legislation.