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Brad O'Luftee
08-03-2011, 08:58 AM
Good morning.
We fished the north side and south side of the Park along 441 and some tribs. I fished from Sunday July 24 through Saturday July 30.
Wed morning (7/27)on a north side trib off 441 my son caught 4 specs between 11am and 1pm on a parachute Adams 14 with a bh dropper. I got skunked using a yellow neversink caddis with bh prince nymph dropper.
Next morning, same creek, samish time, I picked up one spec, my son again landed 4 on same rig.
That afternoon on the southside off 441 I landed 9 trout; a 10 inch 'bow and some 8 inchers and some smaller. One nice 10 inch brown to give me a grand slam for the 3 species.
Next 2 days I used a green neversink caddis with pink bh dropper micro and didn't do as well with the green landing only 2 each day on that set up. Using my son's rod one Friday morning for a few minutes I landed two 7 inch browns on his parachute adams rig.

South side water temp was around 68F. Skies during the week were clear to partly cloudy to mostly cloud( for a short time one day). Best fishing seemed to be before noon and after 8pm.
After a heavy rain one day(about an inch in 45 minutes) the creek we were fishing returned to clearish and productive within 2 hours.

All fish were released within 10 seconds of landing.

Cheers, happy trails, and good fishing.

BTW: some in our party had 4 close encouners with bear. All seperate locations and different days on both sides of the tn/nc boundary not far from 441.

08-03-2011, 06:17 PM
Sounds like you had a good time. Regarding the bear encounters, were these aggressive encounters?

Brad O'Luftee
08-04-2011, 10:18 AM
Yes we had a splendid time doing a variety of things. The fishing seemed better than in the past several years even though most of the fish were small.
The bear were not aggressive. On one occasion while my wife, daughter, nephew, and another youngster were hiking up trillium gap trail to mnt. leconte lodge a large bear came accross the trail from up to down below foraging. He was within 20 yards and the nephew recorded a short video. He was a handsome and healthy bear.
On another encounter my daughter and son were riding bikes up a dirt road near tow string road and she heard noise in the woods. She correctly identified the ruckus as bear and soon a small and mangy looking rascal came charging accross the road and nearly got hit by an oncoming pickup truck. She said he was really hauling a$$ in that funny way they run; not a gallop not a trot but that goofy paws haphazardly flailing over one another. They're up there and then over there...You know what I mean?