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08-15-2011, 06:07 PM
Ok guys, what are your favorite hooks for dry flies, nymphs, soft hackles, emergers, scuds, midges ect? I'm a newcomer to fly tying and have no idea of which ones are proven and ones to stay away from. If you could give some makes and models I would appreciate it. Thanks.

08-15-2011, 08:24 PM
Well, this can be a tricky subject. Mustad and the other somewhat mid and low market brands are OK to practice on. You will tie a lot of flies in the beginning which doesn't turn out that well. Sure, you can fish with them and catch fish anyway but some times they don't turn out at all and you would probably throw em' out. Therefore a budget brand would be OK. Mustad used to be the standard for most tier's but with all their hooks going to chines production and uneven quality. I have had many of their hooks bending and even breaking lately. I quit buying them especially when they redesigned their lineup a couple of years ago. There are many generic store brand in the same league. When you get better at tying or if you are a pretty good tier from the get go I would definitely buy Tiemco, Dai-riki, Daiichii and possibly Gamakatsu. Partridge of Redditch used to be the premier manufacturer back when I lived in Europe years ago, but they are now Chinese made also.

As for models, that depends on what you are tying. If a recipe calls for a certain model you can find cross references on the internet with a simple search. Many people like 2x long for BH nymphs and for soft hackles you can't go wrong wit a very light wire hook. I use standard dry fly hook for all my dry flies. For emergers, scuds and midges I use Tiemco 2488 and 2487. Hope this helps and remember this is just my opinion.

David Knapp
08-15-2011, 11:15 PM
I tie most of my trout flies on Tiemco hooks and really like the variety that is readily available. Most fly shops carry this brand so if you get used to them, they will generally be the easiest to find anywhere you go. Do tie some stuff, mostly nymphs and streamers, on Mustad and also use Gamakatsu for streamers and saltwater flies. Overall vote is for the Tiemcos however... Here is what I generally do although it really depends completely on the pattern.

Standard dries: TMC 100
Hoppers and other terrestrials, Stoneflies, Stimulators: TMC 200R
Standard nymphs: Either TMC 3761 or TMC 5262
Longer nymph patterns: TMC 5263
Scuds and Midge Patterns: TMC 2487

As far as streamers, I use a lot of different hooks although you should be able to tie a good selection of streamers on TMC 5263 or TMC 300 hooks...

08-16-2011, 08:26 AM
I practice new dry fly patterns on a Mustad 94840.
I mostly tie familiar dry fly patterns on a TMC 100 or 101
Wet flies on a TMC 3769
Stoneflies on TMC 200R
All other nymphs on TMC 5262 (sometimes a 5263)
Stimulators and Hoppers on TMC 2312

I have a few old packages of the english made PoR captain hamilton hooks that I tie cdc dries on.

08-16-2011, 10:19 AM
I have not really had a problem with Mustad hooks but I must admit I really like Tiemco and Daiichi. As one gentleman pointed out most fly shops seem to carry a good selection of Tiemco hooks. If I was pinned down I would say Tiemco is the go to brand for most fly tying. I have found several of the shops I deal with seem to lean towards Daiichi. There is a couple of nymph patterns I used Mustad 3906 and 3906B on. For most drys I use Tiemco 100 and 100BL. For size 18 and smaller I really like Daiichi 1110. For most nymphs and wets I use a Daiichi 1710. I find myself tying a lot of midge pupa patterns and use a lot of Tiemco 2488 and 2487 hooks plus Daiichi 1130 and 1110. I seem never to have enough different styles of hooks on hand.

08-17-2011, 07:31 PM
Thanks guys, the info you have provided helps greatly.

08-22-2011, 09:42 PM
Lots of good fly hooks now days. I probably use more TMC than any other, but I use Daiichi, Mustad, Dai Riki, and Gamakatsu when a pattern calls for them. I use what I think is the best hook with a size and shape that best fits the natural I'm trying to imitate, and you can't always get that in just one name brand. I also use hooks that are a little less expensive on patterns that I know I'm going to loose a lot of them. Buggers, Stonefly, Crawfish, Minnow Imitations because of the way you fish them are more likely to get hung up and lost than regular dries and nymph. So those are the type of patters I am likely to use a less expensive hook on. Really it's hard to go wrong with any of the major manufactures.