View Full Version : Birth Announcements BFAO, BH & OM

Don Kirk
08-16-2011, 07:12 AM
Everyone is invited to view three new digital magazines we “birthed” this summer. Bob Foulkrod Adventure Outdoors is a neat launch that has already garnered impressive accolades, with credit due to Bob and our art director. You can see it at http://www.bobfoulkrod.com/media/0711/ (http://www.bobfoulkrod.com/media/0711/)

Buck Hunters is in its second issue (publishes Aug-Jan.) I have little personal interest in deer hunting, but the thing looks okay. You can see it at http://www.isoutdoors.com/media/bh/0811/ (http://www.isoutdoors.com/media/bh/0811/)

The other publication is the Outfitters Monthly. Comparatively speaking it’s a sleazy platform for outfitters, guides and such to advertise although it has a cursory smattering of editorial. It will be up and in September. These join our other five digital mags.

In so far as Brock is out acting as dean of our newest money pit, The Colorado Outdoor Adventure Guide School (www.guideschool.com (http://www.guideschool.com/)) in Mesa, Colorado, it does not appear there will be any new launches before the January SHOT Show (Blackgun Sportsman and American Bear Hunter may birth in early 2012). Brock says I will be teaching fly fishing at the school next spring, but I am not very crazy about anything that requires me dealing with my fellow man at such close proximities. He is well aware that much of the time I do not play well with others.

Despite swearing we would never do it again, it looks like we’re back in television—sort of. Brock has cut a deal with a couple of companies which provide programming content to motel/hotel rooms. They have a lock on almost two million rooms in places like Vegas. We give them a 6-hr. loop of various shows that come up when you turn on the television in your room. It will have several shows including our Bassin’ Mexico and Buck Hunters shows, plus in theory it will enable us to travel filming fresh content. I’m hoping it will be more fun than the sweat shop-like racing and deer hunting projects.

During alternating bouts of sobriety I continue work on my next GSMNP fly fishing book we hope to have out next spring. I’m off to the fly fishing trade show in New Orleans tomorrow morning to investigate rumors that a number of rod, reel , line and sunglasses manufacturers are looking for trust worthy people to field test their wares. I am hoping that my reputation will not prevent me from consideration for such work.

Anywho, I am headed across my mater patch to do a little fishing in Shoal Creek. It is a little spring behind my doublewide that is a evil twin sister of Abrams Creek. Silly with redeye, spotted bass and no-shoulders, it is cold enough year round for trout. The Alabama DNR keeps me under constant surveillance lest I stock it with store-bought ‘bows. A treacherous little run of water fizzing with calcium bicarbonates, this creek is a dead ringer for Abrams in gradient, clarity, appearance and fertility. I always return to the trailer bruised up like a skateboard rider. Hi-ho