View Full Version : Another nice weekend with the fish getting agressive

09-12-2011, 11:46 AM
I was able to fish friday evening, and Sunday morning this weekend. I landed the most on Friday evening, catching 3 and breaking 1 off. The tide was a later one, and it got dark prior to the tide getting all of the way high, but the fish were in early on the tide. My first attempt was at a fish that was in the high grass really close to me. I flipped a crab pattern to him....problem was he was really close. I only had about 2ft of fly line out with another 9 foot of leader and tippet. The only way to move the fly was with the rod tip. The fish hammered it, but I did not have enough line out to strip-set so I did it with the rod.....it worked, but with my rod completely loaded, and no line out, there was no give when what ended up being a better red than I thought took off. He broke me off almost as quickly as I got him on....there was just no give with my rod fully flexed on the hookset......lost a puglisi crab pattern that I had just tied.

I ended up catching the next fish I saw that was moving just out of the higher grass, a nice and fat 25 inch fish.


About 20 minutes later I connected with another red who measured 24 inches.


Then just before it got really dark I connected with a really nice fish, and after some good runs I was able to land this 30" fish. He was really beefy.



On Sunday morning I took my 17 year old daughter out to give it a shot. We saw two fish right off of the get go.....Jessie tried to get the fly in front of the first one, but the fish did not see it and ended up disappearing into deeper water. All told she had 4 tries at fish and came up empty....she was a little rusty. She saw about 8 fish, and I saw a good 12-15.

I managed to land one nice 28 inch fish.



You can see that as I was fighting this fish my daughter was trying for another in the background


I should have caught another 3 fish.....but after the first one I decided to play with a topwater shrimp fly. I had three different fish hit the fly.....they just didn't get enough of it for me to stick them. It was alot of fun having them hit that topwater fly though.


Flat Fly n
09-13-2011, 09:05 AM
great photos!

would you be willing to swap out some boat time for wading time in November? we take you to some of our places by boat, and you could show us some places to wade safely in Beaufort. I truly would love to get out and wade in some skinny water for these guys. Interested?

Lips would be sealed, and we only fish Beaufort two or three times a year. Willing to sign in blood from a 2/0 hook! HA

09-13-2011, 12:03 PM
My only issue would be timing. I work M-F and do not have any vacation days left, but would be more than willing....if we can find a good time with the right kind of tide.

Flat Fly n
09-14-2011, 01:31 PM

I know about vacation days. I am trying to find an extra day or two to go to the White River in December. I sent you an email.

I need to get on that 80,000,000 a month government check that Timmy Geitner talks about. I could fish more.