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10-05-2011, 01:48 PM
Went over to Chilhowee lake on monday to fish for awhile. Put in at tabcat ramp and headed up to the upper end by calderwood powerhouse. The lake is more like a river up there and they were generating at the powerhouse so they was quite a bit of current. The water temps still felt fairly warm to touch but I had forgotten my thermometer to see actually what the surface temps were. There were several hunters camping on the other side of the lake with dogs. guess they were bear or boar hunters.
The fishing was good, unfortinately the catching part was really bad. tried some topwater early as the fog lifted and later I switched to full sink lines after not seeing any fish in the shallower areas. I did spot 3 largemouth or possibly spotted bass but could not get them to bite anything. did not see a single smallie all day.
Went back down the lake around noonish to abrams creek to look at the tornado damage and fish a little up by the creek inflow. I did finally catch 3 little redbreast sunfish back there on a popper, but it wasn't much of a fight on my 8wt. Better than a skunking though!
Hopefully, if anyone is going to fish the lake for the fall migration trout from the lake , it will rain soon, as the water is very low coming into the lake and lots of trees down to contend with. Doubt I will go back till next spring to bass fish.
It is amazing how much damage the tornado did to the forest along the embayment. huge swaths of trees blown down, some still attached to huge rootballs and others just snapped like a twig. One side of the embayment has a lot of new fish attractors blown down into the water along its edge and the opposite side has cleared areas with muddy banks. cant imagine what it have been like to have been there during the storm. if you have not seen this video , it is worth watching.


10-06-2011, 08:56 AM
I have always wanted to fish that area for some lake trout. How far is the distance by water? Glad you got out and spent some time on the water.

Thanks for the report...

David Knapp
10-06-2011, 10:49 AM
Thanks for the report Gary! I've been wondering about those Little T lakes...the browns should be cruising the shore and feeding on the lakes that have them...

10-08-2011, 03:53 PM
Gary, do you ever get out on any of the bigger rivers this time of year? I grew up on the Duck in middle TN, and from now til Thanksgiving was prime time for some big smallies in the big bluff holes. It seemed like the fish were moving towards their wintering holes, but fattening up as they went.

10-09-2011, 02:06 PM
Shawn , I have never fished for any trout on chilhowee but I see people occcasionaly trolling for them. I would recommend using a graph to locate them as chilhowee is a hard lake to figure out even for bass. I think most of the trout fishermen fish at night with lights.

Mick, I do usually fish the Holston and french broad through november. The french broad has been releasing a lot of water everyday. 18K just about every afternoon and it is a very dirty brown color. My experience in the past has not been productive fishing once they start doing that everyday.
The holston is still good but you are limited to wear you can go unless your in a drift boat, raft, or canoe and can run a shuttle. I've not fished on saturdays much lately but have made some trips on mondays. the generation shedules control where I end up going.
I would say the nolichucky or big pigeon are probably the best places to go right now.

old east tn boy
10-09-2011, 08:13 PM
A couple of years ago when Chilhowee was drawn down for repairs, a buddy and I put in at Abrams Creek launch in a two man canoe and 5 HP outbaord in late October. We worked up the road side of the bank along the rocks, then crossed the lake and work the wood line bank down about a mile. If my buddy hadn't tried to land the last smallmouth tail first (why he did this I'll never know since he had landed everything else for me head first all day!) I would have limited out that day. The smallest fish weighed two and a half pounds, the largest was an even five pounds. That day was the best fishing day I ever had in my life. To make it even more memorable, I caught all those fish on the same lure; an old deep-diving Rapala plug out of my tackle box from the 60's. Man, what a day!