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10-31-2011, 09:42 AM
I couldn't convince any of my friends to fish with me this weekend, so I forced my 14-year old to go with me. The original plan was to camp, but after checking out the forecast, I decided a hotel room was in order. We stayed in Townsend and had a great time. Plenty of laughing at stuff that you can't do when Mom is around.

Arrived Friday evening and woke up to wet roads, but no rain. We fished along Little River Road in the morning. He used spinners and I used plenty of different flies -- elk hair caddis, BWO's, smoky mountain black birds, copper johns, pheasant tails. No luck.

After a PBJ lunch, we drove up high and fished the West Prong of the Little Pidgeon. This produced three rainbows out of one hole, with my son garnering "best fish of the day" -- 10 to 11 inches. Beautiful fish. All were caught on a pheasant tail fished deep. This was his first wild fish on a fly rod!!!

Other stops along the road were unfruitful. So, we retreated to Townsend for dinner at Little River Barbecue.

Woke up to ice on the car the next morning. Drove through Cades Cove to check out the wild life, and saw two bucks sparring with each other. After a hearty breakfast, we fished the Middle Prong for about an hour, but no luck.

Overall, it was an incredible weekend. The scenery was breathtaking, and the water was crystal clear. I've got some incredible pictures of my son out in nature, and a couple of pictures of fish. Of course, I can't find the cable that fits my camera to the computer... so no pics. Sorry.


10-31-2011, 03:37 PM
Great story.

Some of my most cherished times have been with Daniel while we've been fishing those same streams. Dan is 16 now and seems to not have as much time to fish with Dad as he used to.

Glad you got to enjoy the weekend with your boy.