View Full Version : Cabin Rentals on a stream near Gatlinburg?

04-19-2012, 08:23 PM
Had my fun with the boy's last weekend around the Tellico, Citgo and Smokies. The better half says I got to take her somewhere before I get the free pass to SW VA at the end of May. Anyone got any info for cabin rental on a trout stream close to Gatlinburg. Thinking about getting R & R to guide a day, since I will lose the car for the shopping I'm sure.

04-20-2012, 08:23 AM
You can look up anyof those cabin rental sites (Google it) for G-burg and then they have a selection where you choose location like streamside, mountain view, etc. There's a bunch of them around, several dozen up toward MPLP Greenbrier area I know for sure. You might just Google Greenbrier Cabin rentals. Good luck!

04-24-2012, 02:38 PM
I live in Texas, but I own two cabins in the Smokies, both of which are on trout streams.

Cabin On Roaring Fork is over 200 years old, and sits right on the Roaring Fork. I restored the cabin several years ago...you can see it here at www.CabinOnRoaringFork.com (http://www.CabinOnRoaringFork.com). You can catch fish right off the porch. This is the oldest cabin in the Appalachian Mountains that is still inhabited, that I am aware of!

My other cabin, Cabin On River's Edge, is in Cosby, and is right on Cosby Creek. This is an extremely private, family cabin, sitting on 3 acres. It has over 300 feet of Cosby Creek frontage and is 5 minutes from the national park entrance. You can see it here at www.CabinOnRiversEdge.com (http://www.CabinOnRiversEdge.com).

You can rent either one. In fact, I'm at Roaring Fork now...fishing was a bit slow today but we caught 3 - 2 brookies (one quite a large one!) and a bow.