View Full Version : Nance's on thursday afternoon

05-11-2012, 10:41 PM
Well I got a moment to hit the Holston at Nance's about 2PM thursday.

Saw no caddis at all and a few mayflies that some might call sulphurs but I think they looked like cahills.

Wicked windy but a few risers here and there to cripples squirming in the film; no takes on a tan CDC though.

Slayed them big time on various beadheads which were tough to throw due to fierce wind coming straight down river.

Met a guy (newbie from west Knoxville) named Aaron; put him in a good little spot that held risers and moved up river quite a way from him. He wanted to fish a ginormous adams with a bead dropper.... Seems I saw him with a few fish on and hope he landed a few; laid of a few flies with him smaller sulphur parachutes in case he wanted to match... he left long before I did.

All fish were bows; several real beauty and a bunch are now wearing new jewelry.

It's my belief that Holston bows are much stronger than Clinch bows; I break more off on the Holston for some reason and they seem to jump more too.