View Full Version : Holston river caddis flies?

05-21-2012, 06:33 AM
Fished the Holston three times in the last week and no caddis flies whatsoever; a few mayflies but really not much for the fish to look up at. Been doing well with various beadheads under an indicator; no reasoon to do a dry-dropper. Also doing well with my new "Corbo SDM" streamer flies with tiger bunny in size 4.

Saw Hugh at Troutfest and a few others who fish the Holston and none report caddis flies either. Are they "late" or not gonna happen.... thoughts?

BTW... I have pretty much had the river to myself and while the trout density is significantly less than the Clinch I have only bumped into one other fly fisher there this spring!

Yet to catch any monster browns from the Holston but I aspire; hence the large streamers.