View Full Version : After Troutfest

Andy Brasko
05-28-2012, 12:54 PM
Hi everyone, I had the pleasure of tying at Troutfest on Sunday,


After Troutfest the Little Lady and I went fishing. I did well, Here was the trick that worked for me a true wet fly angler. I fished with a size 8 Greenwells Glory wet fly that I tyed and shown at Troutfest. I used a cortland 444 sl clear intermediate sinking line and caught 4 fish and lost two others. Now when I had gotten to the deep pockets I switched over to a Copper/Black weighted woolly bugger and brought up two fish that were way at the bottom. All my weighted flies are tyed with NON-Lead wire. Here is a Picture of me with one of those beautiful Rainbows:


I had a great time at Troutfest and hope to be ivited back again in 2013.

Andy Brasko