View Full Version : ZIPitty No Do Dah

07-15-2012, 08:07 AM
Well; seems I pass over the French Broad on 66 many times per week and the WAHOO ZIP thing seems to be a financial bust, same with the Jet Boat thrill seeking thing.

To date I have no observed a single zipper and the boat once with only 2 passengers.

The "developers" spent a pile of cash on building the facilities including a "sky bridge" that hangs out over the river and despite the big billboard it is poorly attended.

Seems everyone has at least one bad idea and this was theirs.

My bet is that it will be closed.... it is too far from "all the action" in Pigeon Forge or G-burg and tourist likely don't want to travel that far away through traffic for the expensive and brief thrills they are attempting to sell.

I heard they encouraged a guy to sell food and popcorn there and that too was a bust for lack of customers.

Those boats look brand new and must be wildly expensive.... they also pay people to "work" there who have virtually nothing to do all day.... this "problem" will solve itself when the boat payments need to be made in the winter.

07-15-2012, 10:08 PM
The free market economy we generally have in this country is a wonderful thing. I am sure there are those who wanted the govt to step in and stop this, but in the end the market will be a better judge/jury.