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07-17-2012, 12:10 AM
I bought my first pair of wading boots from LRO in 1994 or 1995 after a chance visit to their original store. I went there looking for hiking gear, but the thought of not wearing old tennis shoes fishing was apparently irresistible. I think they were very happy for the business. The Begleys were very nice

I did not live in TN at the time, but got hooked on fishing during a family gathering in Walland on the river. I very excitably told my brother in law I had caught my first trout, but did not know it was a stoneroller. It was a pretty ugly fish.

I did not fly fish then, but I moved to Nashville a year later and met Chuck Robinson who later opened the Flychucker flyshop. He taught me how to cast and tie flies. His store and wisdom is sorely missed. Fortunately flysouth is around now.

Was pretty hooked for the next decade, but kids, work and life got in the way. i have fished only 1 or 2 times in the last 6-7 years. I pulled out my "new" simms waders and the receipt in the box was from 2005.

Finally got back out on the Caney last week.

It was good to be back

I am still as bad a caster as I ever was, but still caught a surprising number of fish .

I still can't midge worth a darn though

I do want to make it back to the Smokies this fall as that is some of my favorite flyfishing anywhere.

There was a local flytier that tied some great thunderheads and other local flies awhile back that you could buy at LRO. What was his name and is he still around?

David Knapp
07-17-2012, 10:19 PM
Welcome DrDan! I'm guessing if you are thinking back a few years that you are thinking of flies tied by Walter Babb. I don't think he really ties for the shop anymore although he does special orders for individuals from time to time. If you call the shop to get his number you might call him if you really want some of his flies. Also, I think that Rob Fightmaster's flies are available in the shop now. He ties some hard to find local patterns that can definitely catch fish...