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AL trout bum
10-16-2012, 01:27 PM
Fall to me is a lot of things, but since I have started fly fishing, one thing is usually on my mind.....trout, the brown variety to be exact. With that in mind, I planned to head north hoping to catch some browns. Had plans with a friend to fish out of his drift boat, but he wussed out because he now has titanium screws in his hand or some other lame excuse. I told him it would make him stronger, but he wasn't buying it. I took off work Thursday and Friday to hit my favorite tailwater and then head over to NC Friday night to spend the weekend fishing with some guys from The Drake. It was a long drive, but anticipation and adrenaline kept me going.


I arrived Thursday afternoon to find that they were generating and when I could wade and fish safely would coincide with when I planned to meet up with a friend to fish anyways.


We had a good time and I learned a lot. Namely that I need to cast further. :redface: Had a few good hits that scared me a little, but never could connect. I still had a good time, even though TVA screwed us.

Got in around midnight and planned to fish Friday morning before they started generating. Once I got up there, the generation schedule for Friday was posted and they were generating from 9am-10pm. So I had from 7am to 9am to fish. TVA sucks.

I made the best of what little time I had, but no big ones...


This guy had obviously already been hooked....

Once generation started, I had about 3 hours to run and fish down low before the water arrived. I fished for most of those three hours without catching a thing.

At least the scenery was nice...


Even though TVA was largely to blame for lack of time on the water on this trip, I still caught some fish.

Left after lunch on Friday to go ahead and make my way over to NC. I stopped along the way and met up with a friend for some small stream fishing.

Saw a really cool old bridge:

AL trout bum
10-16-2012, 01:31 PM
Some random shed in the middle of nowhere...


All I caught were small rainbows..


So far my pursuit of brown trout had been a failure, or at least the big ones. I met up with the guys in NC Friday night and the beer drinking and BSing commenced.


The next morning came way too early and I somehow gathered my things and we headed to the first stream of the day. After a thiirty minute drive, we arrive and started suiting up and guess who had left their wading boots? That's right, another hour round trip behind because I am an idiot. Oh well, we got it together and were on the creek in no time. I caught lots of rainbows that were not worth the time to photograph, so I don't have lots of pics. This is some of the morning:


Then we came across a deep pool that just had to hold fish. And boy did it....


AL trout bum
10-16-2012, 01:34 PM
In that case, a rainbow is ok with me, but I still am striking out on my pursuit of browns. We retire back to the man cave and drink beer and eat some awesome burgers.


We stayed up a while swapping fish stories and watching fly fishing films on the huge projector screen.


The next morning we awake with the task of getting me my first blueline brown trout. At this point I have accepted that I will not catch a big fish and just decide to go after numbers. We arrive at the creek, way down that hill...


Places like this are worth the hike in..


I found a beer can older than I am...


Fishing a 9 feet wide creek is tough with one person, add two more and it is complete chaos. We somehow manage it, but no fish are caught up this high...


We decide to make the grueling hike out to retreat to lower elevations in hopes of finding more willing fish.

AL trout bum
10-16-2012, 01:43 PM
A bit of a walk through this....


And then a hike up this back to the car...


The fall colors are simply amazing....


We get on the stream and I immediately hook up (please be a brown, please be a brown)


Son of a .......


I swear I am cursed. Why can't I catch the one fish I want, I don't even care how big it is, just let me catch a brown.

We fish on up....


A buddy caught a real nice 14" brown, right after the other guy caught an 11" one. Apparently all I can catch are rainbows.


We work our way to the last pool of my 850 mile round trip to catch brown trout and I have zero browns to show for it. First cast, BAM! Fish on! The just as quickly, Fish off! :evil: Last cast, this is eat please something eat.....

Thank God!


That nice blueline brown saved my trip. Most people would be happy with the rainbows I caught, and I am, but I still in pursuit of that awesome brown trout day. Maybe next time I wil go after rainbows and maybe I will catch some browns then. However, this trip is over. I have a 6hr drive back and I need to hit the road. A quick celebratory beer and in the parking lot and I hit the road.


On this trip I learned you can't always get what you came after, but time with new friends, surrounded by beautiful mountains, and catching some nice fish isn't all that bad.

10-16-2012, 02:02 PM
Very nice...looks like you had a good time.

David Knapp
10-16-2012, 02:03 PM
Great report!!! Can't beat a weekend in wild country with friends chasing trout. I know what you mean about trying to catch the browns. I've had some good days and some really frustrating days. On those frustrating days you wonder where the fish are at but you will have a day to make up for it in the future guaranteed, just keep after them!!! :smile:

10-16-2012, 02:12 PM
Be careful about those 2 bums you were hangin out with. Trouble.
Great report.

10-16-2012, 03:25 PM
Great report! It took a minute to figure out what the Google car was but I've got it now. I've often wondered how often they reshoot a road or city since, until now, I had never ran across their vehicles or known anyone else to say they had seen them.

10-17-2012, 02:51 PM
AL Trout Bum, seen were you posted a while back looking for my email. Its jcduke78@gmail.com. Feel free to ask whatever you need too. If you can't get through for some reason, shoot me you mail and I will contact you. Take care

10-20-2012, 07:44 PM
So do you drive a google-mobile?

AL trout bum
10-22-2012, 01:24 PM
So do you drive a google-mobile?

I wish, my gps in my car is out. Anyways, I had never seen one until that day, and just thought it was cool.