View Full Version : 12/03 - Trip 3: Thunderhead

12-05-2012, 01:15 PM
So now it was Monday, two consecutive days of smokies trips, all with some fish caught, why not go for three? How often is the weather like this in Dec?

So I headed up to Thunderhead and fished from below the metal bridge up past where the manway crosses.

The fishing again was slow, the bright sunlight and clear water didn't help much.

This guy must have been lost: (or on his way to Florida)


Also caught some super dinky rainbows:



On the way hiking out when I crossed the main bridge at the parking lot there was a lady with her two young grandkids walking back to their car. The boys were asking me if I was a "Real live fisherman" and one of them wanted his grandma to take a picture of him with me, the younger one wanted none of that, so I posed for the picture, let them hold the fly and showed them some fish pictures on my camera, which they enjoyed. Who knows, maybe they'll be posting on here in another 10 years!