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05-06-2013, 12:03 PM
Hello gang. Yes, this should be in another forum I know, but since I consider myself a Smokies fisherman I thought I would give everyone a peak at some action from Saturday.

I live in Amarillo, TX. We usually fly over to the Smokies for a spring fly fishing trip (my son and my dad) but the airfares right now are just out of sight. So we took a 3.5 hour drive over to Cimarron New Mexico to fish the Cimarron River.

Cimarron State Park is the foothills of the Rockies, and the town of Cimarron is on the plains, basically butted up against these foothills. We stayed at the Historic St. James Hotel, which has been there since 1872. Such notables as Billy the Kid, Wyatt Earp, Jesse James, Doc Holladay, and others have stayed here. Several people have been shot and killed in the hotel, including the bar where the bullet holes in the ceiling are still there.

As for the fishing, the Cimarron River is a brown trout habitat. The River meanders down the Cimarron Canyon, some of it wide open plains, some of it in heavy forest. It has certain characteristics that remind me a lot of Cosby Creek and Tremont. One major difference is that the Cimarron is much easier to wade than Smokies streams because the bottom of the river is more sandy (almost feels like quicksand at times), and while there are still plenty of rocks, the are a bit more jagged than those of the Smokies and they aren't covered in the super-slick, slimy coating.

We started with dries - Adams and Caddis 12s - but it was obvious early that the fish weren't feeding on the surface. So I converted to a dropper rig with a bead head and things quickly started picking up. I caught 10 fish (brought 8 to hand - 2 more slipped off coming out of the water) but with a little practice there I could double or triple that in a day. The Cimarron is extremely productive - the browns are aggressive.

Enjoy the photos (if my posting works). One of these is NOT my photo - just a photo of Cimarron Canyon that I grabbed off the web to give you a better feel for the area.


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I didn't take this picture :smile:


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The only spoiler for the trip was my dad - he's 73 and suffering from a bit of dementia, set his fly rod against a tree to take a tinkle, and couldn't find it. :frown:

We looked for over an hour and never did find his rod.

So we hooked it on home the next a.m.

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Let me start by saying I am sorry to hear about your dad. I hope you get Many more days in with him and cherish each one of them.

Great post. Looks like a ton of fun. I found the story on the hotel absolutely fascinating I am a Billy the kid and Wyatt Earp fan. Thanks for sharing that info along with the rest of the post Thanks for sharing

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I love these pictures. Cimmarron and the Valle Vidal are on the short list for my "Out West" trip that may or may not take place one of these days. A friend gave me the book "So Many Fish So Little Time" by Mark Williams, and it paints a beautiful picture of this area. Please post any pictures of future trips. I'm definitely jealous.


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Nice...glad you could get out and enjoy time with your Dad...any time like that is precious...Sorry about the flyrod though

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Thanks for the post. I'm glad you figured out the picture thing:biggrin:

Sucks about the rod, but the rest looked pretty awesome:biggrin: