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05-12-2013, 09:16 AM
My wife andI came down Monday for our Spring Vacation and of course I had to deal with high water. Couldn't fish a lot of the places where I usually fish because you have to stay in the river which was too difficult. On Daniel's suggestion I went up high to get away from some of the water, I had to pick and chose my spots, couldn't fish some nice water on the other side of the river because I couldn't reach it safely. Managed a few rainbows, mostly small one's, fished nymphs, and dry's, droppers didn't work too well because of the high water, either used split shot or went dry. Tue. was over 900 CFS, Wed was over 600 CFS, but I still caught a few. Thurs was finally below 600 and was a little more like normal fishing. Yellow Sallies, and light cahills were everywhere. We had to leave Friday, but I could tell that the fishing should be great when the water drops a little this week. We still had a great 4 days in the mountains and I secured a few jars of Ole Smoky. This is a bow that I dredged up with a prince and split shot.

05-12-2013, 10:45 AM
Too Bad you weren't coming this upcoming week :frown:

I would call it REALLY tough conditions. Freddie said the fishing even Thursday was pretty slow, and the water was still high. They were on small watersheds and no where near the big streams. Friday proved to be really good, but the touch of rain seemed to slow things down a bit on Sat. I bet today will be good, but Mother's Day will keep many from play. Like Byron said last week in his fishing report, I bet next week with the lack of rain will be awesome:biggrin: