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07-09-2013, 11:07 AM
I worked Friday while most of my co-workers took the 4th holiday, I took my day yesterday. I visted a relative over the weekend in Louisville Ky, and blasted out Monday morning at 8:30 (this schedule not recomended for most drivers) :biggrin:. Traffic was light and no stops till Norris exit. I saw the release schedule Sunday night and knew it was gonna rock or be a bust. It rocked for me with grand slam in first session from 12:00 till 2:30, than they released for one hour which gave me a break and a chance for two Git' Go's hot dogs, the breakfast of champions and Clinch fisherman who give no thought to dietary concerns! The water started pulling down about 4:30 and to say it was on was an understatement, rises were like popcon and I hit another slam until I crawled out at 6:45. If you look in last few pictures you can see the mist in the evening post-water release and at times you could not see where your line landed it was that thick at times. I never thought I would say I am tired of catching brooks and would like to see more bows but that was the way it was. Throw in a couple of browns and a couple of bows and I had a double digit day in about 4 hours combined fishing. I took what pictures I could but reality was the hits were fast and little break in between and if your like me I would rather fish than photograph any day!;)






07-09-2013, 12:45 PM
Bigsur, were you wearing a big hat? I may have walked right passed you as you were leaving and I was just getting there.

I fished till dark and caught less than 10. On my last cast I hooked up with a nice 15" rainbow that was very acrobatic.

I think I spent more time tying new flies on than fishing. There were fish all around me and I couldn't get them to take anything consistently. The fish I caught were all on the trusty Zebra. There were still a few sporadic Sulphurs coming off mixed in with what I think were black caddis. I managed to catch one in my hand and it had a lighter greenish yellow body with black wings. I am not familiar with this hatch so I could be wrong.

Nice Pictures!