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08-25-2013, 07:38 PM
Had the opportunity to watch the race last night in Bristol. While there I couldn't wait to take a friend who hasn't been able to fish very much lately to a local tailwater.

http://im1.shutterfly.com/media/47a3d604b3127ccef3a6f202bcfd00000030O00AYs2jZy3Ysm gPbz4S/cC/f%3D0/ls%3D00402179643120130825230815443.JPG/ps%3D50/r%3D0/rx%3D550/ry%3D400/.....but today was his day.

We threw streamers with no success and he gets the idea of throwing a lure similar to a topwater bait with propellers not on a fly rod. The action was fast and furious for a couple of hours while I attempted to maintain boat control with the oars in hand. Side note: graduated to Sawyer oars and I must admit, the composite counterbalanced oars with Shoal Cut blade perform night and day over stock oars.

Here are a few of the many we were blessed with today to catch and then release.

http://im1.shutterfly.com/media/47a3d604b3127ccef3a6e9fa7da000000030O00AYs2jZy3Ysm gPbz4S/cC/f%3D0/ls%3D00402179643120130825230838696.JPG/ps%3D50/r%3D0/rx%3D550/ry%3D400/

http://im1.shutterfly.com/media/47a3d604b3127ccef3a71e431db600000030O00AYs2jZy3Ysm gPbz4S/cC/f%3D0/ls%3D00402179643120130825230834700.JPG/ps%3D50/r%3D0/rx%3D550/ry%3D400/

\http://im1.shutterfly.com/media/47a3d604b3127ccef3a6f453bcaf00000030O00AYs2jZy3Ysm gPbz4S/cC/f%3D0/ls%3D00402179643120130825230832424.JPG/ps%3D50/r%3D0/rx%3D550/ry%3D400/

http://im1.shutterfly.com/media/47a3d604b3127ccef3a727a2dce300000030O00AYs2jZy3Ysm gPbz4S/cC/f%3D0/ls%3D00402179643120130825230824159.JPG/ps%3D50/r%3D0/rx%3D550/ry%3D400/

http://im1.shutterfly.com/media/47a3d604b3127ccef3a78e9c9c1100000030O00AYs2jZy3Ysm gPbz4S/cC/f%3D0/ls%3D00402179643120130825230841976.JPG/ps%3D50/r%3D0/rx%3D550/ry%3D400/

Jason, the conversation earlier today reference open face reel, fly rod, bait caster and being a good all around angler was all about you,..... today my angling brother.

Glad I spent it with you!!!

Thank You,


08-25-2013, 08:43 PM
Nice fish! What kind of boat were you all in?

08-26-2013, 06:06 AM
We were in a Clacka. The water was at least a foot in even the skinniest of areas. I would advise trolling motor for the last three miles to the take out because there is no help with the current and the water was pretty dead.

I understand that if you put an electric motor on your boat what ever might be , you need the numbers that register your boat on it. If you are a paddle guy make sure you got some good ones or your engine is gonna overheat for sure.