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09-04-2013, 02:37 PM
I was down in Morehead City, Atlantic Beach N.C. area two weeks ago for our annual 8-10 day trip. I have been going to that area since a teenager and is my surf fishing fix for the year. I mentioned in another thread that a new fly shop had opened at the Atlantic Beach Causeway bridge on the island side. Opened by a local couple in March, it is like LRO, run by locals who love fishing, while in there saw some flys that a gentleman up north ties for them. They said they use for stripers up from where he lives and other big fish, but they have found they work in saltwater fishing also. I grabbed some thinking the Clinch and other tailwaters around here, but mainly cause I thought they looked cool!:biggrin: I threw one in the river last night and it lit up like a roman rocket, lots of green, blue and purple on the white one when the water and sun hit it. I have attached some pictures along with some shots of flounder I catch on bottom rigs and a new rig i think they call the glo bug, all I know is it spins, whirls and flashs like flying an airplane underwater. I attach live minnows on it or I will use white 4" Gulp shrimp on a traditonal bottom rig depending on what type they are hitting on any given day. I tend to target flounder in the surf and work a grid till I start to find them. Please forgive shameless plug for non fly fishing flounder shots, but was reallly good week for me and have to share! :rolleyes:



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