View Full Version : For you foam tyers who want better color

03-17-2014, 03:04 PM
Maybe not better but different. I was messing around with the simple foam caddis I posted the other day and was heating the tail end to taper it down towards a point.

It looked anbetter than trying to cut it and an even better side effect was it discolored in a good way. The flame somewhat singed the tan foam I was using to a darker brown in some areas. After experimenting some I could get some good looking mottled/blended tan and darker brown colors, looked more natural if you can say that about a piece of foam. :smile:

Also did some yellow and green and liked them too but looked best on the tan.

Too long and it will catch on fire (easy to blow out) but a few quick passes over the flame gives a nice effect. I usually take a sharpie and make a few black or brown squiggles on my flies just to break up the solid foam color, but I like this better.

Didn't get any pics but maybe I will later. Just thought I'd share, bass around here aren't very picky but trout are rumored to be more so.