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Joe McGroom
03-24-2014, 09:13 PM
Troutfest 2014 - 6 pm Friday, April 25th
Banquet & Fundraising Auction
Knoxville Airport Hilton

I can't believe that Troutfest 2014 is only 1 month away! If you've never been to a Troutfest banquet before, then you should plan to come on out this year & support a great cause - you'll be glad you did! Remember that tickets must be purchased by April 11th, so call or visit Little River Outfitters to purchase your tickets today.

Admittedly, I'm not much one for banquets myself, but the Troutfest dress is casual, you get to eat some delicious food, swap fishing stories, catch up with old buddies, & make new friends. You won't find any snobbish cocktail parties for this fishing crowd.

Here are just a few of the auction items that will be available at this year's banquet.

*Bamboo rod crafted by Walter Babb
*Assortment of 12 Dozen Nymphs & Wet Flies tied by Walter Babb
*Quack Royal Coachman (Original Catskill dry fly pattern) tied by Mary Dette
*Shenk's Sculpin tied by Ed Shenk & fished by Jack Gregory
*Framed Brook Trout Print painted by Broderick Crawford including a fly tied by Jack Gregory
*Guided fishing trips donated by area guides
*Trout Carvings
*Gift cards to area outdoor stores & restaurants
*And so much more

There are too many donation items to list here, but we're fortunate to have so many great donations to offer at the banquet this year, including items in all price ranges. And remember, all the proceeds help support the Fisheries Department of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and help fund youth education programs.

I hope to see you at the banquet on April 25th. For more information, visit www.troutfest.org (http://www.troutfest.org)

Take care,
Joe McGroom