View Full Version : Southern Trout April/May ready

Don Kirk
03-30-2014, 10:49 AM
The April/May issue of Southern Trout is coming out on schedule. It's redesigned a bit following a few changes that date back to last September. The "Close Look" is on the Ozarks. Next month it is Virginia.

April and May are pretty busy times for STM. We trek to the VA Wine & Fly Fest in two weeks, then two weeks later we are off to the Thunder Valley Fly & Wine Fest. In mid-May we are off to Cullowhee, NC for the FFF.

Ultimate Fly Fishing Guide to the Great Smoky Mountains was reprinted for its third run last week, so it will be back available on Amazon and fly shops. Fly Fisher’s Guide to Tennessee is bumping along okay. It’s a good book, but at $30, I think it is a bit too pricey for most to consider buying it. Both publishers, Menasha Ridge Press and Wilderness Adventure Press, are a bit put out with me for not pushing either title as much as I could have. STM has occupied way too much of my time.

Hatches and Fly Patterns of the Great Smoky Mountains is coming out in two months from Stackpole Book. You can view the cover on Amazon where they are taking pre-publication orders. I think this will be a popular volume, or at least controversial. It has over 100 fly patterns, and I had about as many I did not note. Perhaps there will be a second edition of some sort if this one goes well. I’ve been doing this crap long enough to know there are not “sure things,” but there is the occasional lucky day now then.

Anywho, I hope to see some of you out and about this spring and summer. Odds are if you see someone sleeping on boulder along Little River, it will be me. Feel free to pilfer my fly boxes as you see fit.