View Full Version : 4/5 little river

04-07-2014, 02:51 PM
Fished the little river starting up by elkmont around 9 am. Immediately started catching fish on a double nymph rig with the usual generic patterns. The larger pools def seemed to produce better than the pocket water... around 11 we headed down near Metcalf where we saw a great blue quill hatch, but no rising fish... I switched to a dry dropper at noon just to see what would happen. With the new rig I kept catching fish but nothing even looked at the dry...I'm not sure what the problem was...there were some flies hatching, water level perfect, water temp great, and no rising fish...also no caddis no stones and no mayflies larger than a size 18. Luckily I'm not a purist. A day of catching trout on nymphs is still a great day! On a side note: no morrels yet either...