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04-25-2014, 05:59 PM
Anytime we fish and are seen by others (which isn't very often if I get my way), we invariably get asked about our success. First, how do YOU define "good" and, second, how do you respond?

When I fish the streams in the park, I define success by my catch rate. I have caught some decent fish, but they are few and far between. I have landed and photo'd a 12-inch spec and a 15-inch brown in the park. I would consider those my two best fish if you define "best" by size (I do not). I have caught several 12-inch browns and rainbows, and a few 10-inch brookies. This is the extent of my "big" fish caught in the park in over 30-years of fishing it 4 to 10 days a year. Numbers? I have had one 50-fish day. I have had multiple 35-fish days. Typically one or two per year. I have caught the slam many, many times. Most of those on the same stream, and once in the same pool.

I didn't say all that to brag. Heck, I don't even know if my success is brag-worthy. That's why I asked the questions I have posed.

I define success like this:
1 fish per hour = very slow.
2 fish per hour = not terrible.
3 or 4 fish per hour = pretty good.
5 fish per hour = fantastic.
6+ fish per hour = memorable.

When asked, I size up the person and respond accordingly. If they are a fellow-fisherman, I sometimes tell them how many and let them judge whether that's good or not. If they aren't a fisherman or don't look experienced, I answer with the descriptions I gave above.

How about you? How do you define "good?" And how do you answer when asked?

04-25-2014, 06:17 PM
If I am fishing I am doing good. When I stopped fishing tournaments I stopped counting fish. For me fishing especially in the park is about being there. Don't get me wrong I like catching fish and do most of the time but for me at 61 years old fishing is more about where I am than fish.


04-25-2014, 09:40 PM
I usually just tell them how many I've caught, or how many in the past hour.

Exception: If they say they haven't caught anything, perhaps a newbie, I usually just say fishing in the park is tough, and I show 'em what to try. Last weekend I met a guy from New Orleans. He was ~55, but right off said he had never fished the park and had nothing. We compared flies; both Prince Nymphs. I showed him how to add split shot, and how to fish it.

I'm even older than Tom, so it's about being there for me too. Still, I like the scenery best when the fish are biting. :biggrin:

04-25-2014, 11:26 PM
My definition depends on the conditions. One day a single fish would be good while on another it would be lousy. But honestly, I can't remember a day when I have walked out of the park feeling like it was lousy.