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06-05-2014, 10:00 PM
I posted a while back about poppers and what materials to use and I've got it down now! Thanks to those who helped before, but now I need you again. Streamers.. I can hold my own for the most part while tying, but 80% of the streamers I attempt to tie or create myself turn out lumpy, lop sided, and swim crooked or upside down.. I want to tie a few for some smallmouth and need suggestions and help! If I can see it I can figure it out. Any suggestions and help is much appreciated.

06-06-2014, 07:40 AM
I am not a big streamer tyer. However, they are pretty fun to create. One thing I like to do when designing flies is to sketch out a pattern on paper. It is a great stress relief and it helps me keep from tying a bunch of junk flies.:rolleyes:

Fly orientation is key when tying streamers. Figure out if the fly is going to swim upside down or hook down. Weighting arrangement will usually dictate this action.

I like to tie streamers very light so that I can cast them with a lighter line and sling them to the moon. Plus, they usually have great action in shallow water.

Another tip on fishing streamers; forget the long tapered leader. You just need 3-6' of mono for most setups. Also sinking tip fly lines work very well for keeping the fly down.

Hope this helps! There are some fabulous streamer guys on this forum that can really give you some great information!